Tips for Students & Parents

  • Do not send cash in the mail. Always use a check or a postal money order.
  • Valuable letters and parcels should be sent by registered or certified mail, UPS, Federal Express, DHL and others that provide routine tracking methods and insurance for their shipments.
  • To ensure you are protected against loss or damage when shipping valuables, please inquire about purchasing insurance.
  • Medications should be phoned into a local pharmacy. If you must mail medications, please send by registered or certified mail.
  • Time sensitive material should be sent by land or air carriers using guaranteed overnight or other time frames which also provide tracking.
  • Registration for student mailboxes can be obtained by visiting the Post Office in the University Union. Mailboxes are guaranteed only to university residents
  • Remember to bring your student ID or a Photo ID when you want to claim packages and letter mail.
  • All packages take an average of 24 to 48 hours to be processed once they have been delivered by the shipping agent and received by the TU Post Office. This includes all Express and Overnight packages as well, however these packages will receive priority processing.