Campus Map

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University Admissions is located in the Enrollment Services building, 2nd floor.


Other Transportation


Getting Around Campus Construction

Towson University’s future campus is taking shape right now. To help you more easily make your way around campus please take a look at our construction maps:

  • Construction Map of the UnionThis map shows accessible pedestrian routes around the University Union from August 20, 2018 through February, 2020.

For Nursing Mothers

Nursing Rooms

TU Nursing Rooms provide a private, secure, clean space for breastfeeding. Locations of the rooms are listed below. They are available to all students, faculty and staff, as well as spouses and domestic partners.


  • 7400 York Road, Room 239
  • Administration Building, Room 115B (obtain the key from AD101)
  • College of Liberal Arts, Room 2231
  • Cook Library, Room 527 (obtain key from third floor circulation desk)
  • Psychology, Room 508N
  • Stephens Annex, Room 174
  • Towson City Center (AKA Olympic Place), Room 324
  • Van Bokkelen Hall, Room 009
  • West Village Commons, Room 320