TU’s new brand is named ‘Best Rebrand Campaign’

By Kyle Hobstetter on June 5, 2019

The university’s dynamic new identity was honored by the American Marketing Association Baltimore chapter

TU's New Brand and AMA Award
Towson University was recognized by the American Marketing Association Baltimore Chapter as the “Best Rebrand Campaign of the Year,” at the “MX” Marketing Excellence Awards, a first for the university.

It took 20 years for Towson University to forge a new identity but just months to be recognized for that identity’s impact.

On May 16, Towson University was recognized by the American Marketing Association Baltimore Chapter as the “Best Rebrand Campaign of the Year,” at the organization’s 34th annual “MX” Marketing Excellence Awards, a first for the university.

This brave and bold new campaign was introduced during the spring term and featured key messages, a logo redesign and, most importantly, a renewed sense of pride in Maryland’s fastest-growing university. 

“This is an institutional achievement that we all can share and take great pride in,” says Marina Cooper, Towson University’s vice president of marketing and communications. “For us, the award is recognition of TU pioneering a comprehensive, research-based and inclusive process that required the participation of so many members and friends of the entire TU community.” 

Research began in fall 2016 with surveys and focus groups with more than 2,000 stakeholders. The development of TU’s first brand platform and strategy began in 2017. In 2018 focus turned to creative and visual expression of the brand and a new brand mark in 2018. 

The new brand mark itself is the first redesign of TU’s visual image in more than 20 years. Inspired by the striking pattern of Maryland’s state flag, the new mark takes on a contemporary block TU style with both a connectedness and depth that distinguishes the mark as an icon itself. 

TU has introduced the new brand mark in a variety of ways on campus. This includes new signage and several T-shirt swaps where the campus community can replace apparel with the old brand mark for a shirt featuring the new TU. 

The brand mark also made its Commencement debut as the stage backdrop during the 2019 spring ceremonies and was featured on the Towson Tigers men’s lacrosse helmets this season. The university also introduced a five-foot tall, 3-D foam cutout of the new brand mark that roams around campus for pictures.  

During the upcoming terms, TU will continue to roll out the new brand mark, including different and fun ways on campus.

“This contemporary identity nods to our history but also clearly states what Towson University is today. Our momentum is strong and growing even stronger,” President Kim Schatzel says. “I hope the campus community continues to proudly wear and share this new brand mark as we boldly tell the contemporary story of TU and together write the next chapter of TU’s story.”

TU’s New Identity

Learn More

To help the campus community with its contemporary identity, TU has introduced a new Brand Toolkit website. It features visual guidelines, brand messaging and design tools for the new brand mark.  

Also check out the FAQs about the university’s new brand. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact the TU Brand Team for help.

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