Getting the opportunity to 'Talk TU Us'

By Kyle Hobstetter on April 8, 2019

Bryce Turkheimer ’19 and Lindsay Murray ’21 are sharing their love of Towson University with their own YouTube series.

Lindsay Murray and Bryce Turkheimer
Bryce Turkheimer ’19 and Lindsay Murray ’21 started their own vlog titled “Talk TU Us.” They started the show while working in TU’s Division of University Marketing and Communications. 

When she was a freshman in high school, Bryce Turkheimer ’19 told herself she was going to work in public relations, not really knowing what public relations was. 

Now eight years later, the Lumberton, New Jersey native will graduate from Towson University with a degree in mass communication with a track in public relations. And after her time at TU, she feels like there is no other career for her.

“Towson University really painted the picture of what my career can be and the endless possibilities that come with being in public relations,” Turkheimer says. “I realized how passionate I am about PR when I started taking my classes. This where I want to be.”

After getting the basics of public relations and marketing down, Turkheimer started working as a social media coordinator for the undergraduate marketing team in TU’s Division of University Marketing and Communications. There, she has written content and covered university events for the TU Admissions social media pages, and engaged with potential students. 

It was there she met Lindsay Murray ’21, who also worked as a social media coordinator. The Columbia, Maryland native, had just graduated high school and applied for the undergraduate marketing position during the summer.

And while there was a small age and background difference, the two hit it off instantly because of their goals in mass communication.   

“I was a junior and she was a freshman, and we both had a passion and both wanted to do something great for this university,” Turkheimer said. “And we became great friends through the process. We talk about everything now, and just have the best time.” 

One day, their bosses asked for ideas to help with marketing towards prospective TU students. And instead of just coming up with a simple idea like “we need to make content cooler,” the two came in with full slide shows and spreads. 

It was there where they came up with the idea of “Talk TU Us,” a YouTube series that looks at different subjects through the eyes of Towson University students. They focused on subjects like applying to TU, the university’s food and living on campus. 

Turkheimer came up with the idea after doing research on what other universities were doing, aiming to supplement the video content from the university. And when she brought the idea up, Murray jumped at a chance to work on the video.

“It was really cool because we got to give a real look into Towson University,” Murray said. “You get to see the students and the campus, and get a real inside look about what the school is like.

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The initial video, which was titled “What is your major,” featured Turkheimer and Murray dressed in blazers interviewing students on a cold weekday afternoon with small (and an admittedly shaky) camera.  

After their first year working with the Division of University Marketing and Communications, Turkheimer went on a study abroad program in Rome, while Murray continued to work over the summer. It was that time that Murray worked with members of TU’s Digital Media Services team to help clean up the look of “Talk TU Us.” 

“It was ‘Talk TU Us 2.0,’” Murray laughs. “When we started, we shot and edited it ourselves. It was really student produced. But we worked to make it more professional, but still student oriented. It was still what we wanted to show, but it was a little higher quality.” 

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Working with members of TU’s Marketing and Communications Division has been a real eye-opener for Turkheimer and Murray, as they get to work in a field of interest with professionals who can serve as role models. 

And according to them, it’s really easy to come to work because they feel like part of the team. 

“I feel like we can walk up to anyone and ask them how they are doing or about their job in general,” Murray says. “And they don’t hesitate to talk with us. It’s nice to learn from actual professionals, especially here because they are not only mentors but they’re very nice people.” 

“I’ve never had a group of adults believe in me this much,” Turkheimer adds. “They have always encouraged us to reach our fullest potential. I never felt like I was just a student employee, I felt like part of a team and they made us feel like that.”

After this term Murray and Turkheimer are headed different ways. Murray will stay on as a social media assistant for TU’s University Marketing and Brand Strategy. Turkheimer is finishing her college career and will be graduating in May. 

With both moving on to new positions, they are hoping that “Talk TU Us” can serve as an inspiration. Not just to show information about Towson University, but also that TU provides students opportunities to find what they are passionate about. 

“Seizing opportunities is one of the best things that TU gives us,” Turkheimer says. “‘Talk TU Us’ was my opportunity. And I hope it shows that anything you’re interested in can be a possibility here.”

“I feel like the thing about college is that it’s kind of what you make it,” Murray adds. “And Towson University really gives you the opportunity to do what you want to do. It helps make your dreams a reality.”

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