TU ready to ‘Show Its Stripes’ for Homecoming

Learn more about this year’s Homecoming events and the students behind them

By Kyle Hobstetter on October 17, 2022

TU Homecoming Committee members Will Macsherry and Dajae Horrey
Members of Towson University's Student Homecoming Committee, Will Macsherry (left) and Dajae Horrey, are excited for the TU community to show their stripes during the 2022 Homecoming week. (All photos by Paige Detwiler/Towson University) 

When the Student Homecoming Committee was deciding on a theme for this year’s Homecoming week, they wanted their fellow students to be proud to be part of the Towson University community.

According to Student Homecoming Director Dajae Horrey ’23, her team saw that students not only want to go to events on campus, but also be a part of the university’s story.

That’s why this year’s Homecoming theme is very straightforward, with them asking all members of the Towson University community to “Show Your Stripes.”

“I can tell that a lot of students on campus want to be involved and participate in something,” Horrey says. “I feel like we’ve created an outlet this year to help them show their stripes and make Homecoming 2022 something where we can let students who everything that they’re giving and what they can be a part of here at TU.”

A social butterfly

Horrey admits she likes to talk to people. That’s what made her time at TU so great. She’s met different people from different backgrounds and cultures.

“I’m a social butterfly,” she laughs. “I’m so excited for Homecoming, because we get to learn new things, new cultures and this is the best way to help the whole campus do that. TU has a very unique and diverse campus. And with the students we have here, we want to give them the ability to show what they bring to campus.”

Dajae Horrey '23
Dajae Horrey '23

Being a social butterfly fits with what Horrey wants to do with her career. The mass communication major, who has a double focus on public relations and advertising, is hoping to be a publicist once she graduates this spring.

Along with being the Student Homecoming Director, the senior from Rosedale, Md. has also worked with the Office of Student Activities as a marketing assistant and has served as the president and event chair for Sisterhood.

With all these experiences in event planning and marketing, Horrey feels likes she’s on the right track for the future.

“This is definitely not the full picture, but I think I’m getting a very good sense of what I want to do,” she says. “And this is making me want to do it more, and making me want to graduate and find a job doing something like this.”

A history of creativity

Will Macsherry will describe himself as the opposite of the Horrey. He would describe himself as an introvert who doesn’t normally get involved in things.

By working with as marketer on the Student Homecoming committee, he’s been able to come out of his shell and get involved more on campus. He even came up with this year’s theme of “Show Your Stripes.”

Will Macsherry
Will Macsherry '24

“I have loved working on the Homecoming Committee,” Macsherry says. “When I started to work here, I underestimated how much I would grow to love working with this team an getting to know everyone. I think we’ve all grown genuine friendships as the result, so it’s been so special to me.”

And while working as a marketing assistant in the Office of Student Activities, Macsherry isn’t studying marketing, or mass communications or even graphic design. He’s a proud history major.

Even though it’s not his ultimate goal to work in marketing, he has been enjoying his time working with social media, event planning and his personal favorite graphic design.

“I’ve always enjoyed being creative and after pandemic, on-campus jobs were hard to come by,” Macsherry says. “I found the Student Activities office on Handshake and it looked like an interesting opportunity where I could gain and apply different skills.”

2022 Homecoming Highlight Events

Here are just a few of the signature events for this year’s Homecoming week.

Tacos & Talent Night

Tuesday, Oct. 18 | 6 p.m. | University Union Ballrooms

In order to show the different stripes that are able to make a Towson Tiger, Tacos and Talent Night will allow students to show all that they have to offer to the Towson campus. 

Talents will be judged based on group and individual performance as well as crowd response and creativity of performance. Along with the talent show, there will also be walking tacos served, thanks to Black and Gold Catering.

Show Your Stripes Parade

Thursday, Oct. 20 | 5 p.m. | Meet at Newell Field

The Show Your Stripes parade will be used to highlight the many different clubs, organizations and departments that create the stripes that make Towson University. Following the Parade will be a prep rally where the clubs, organizations and departments will get the opportunity to tell what it is they do at TU and how students can be a part, as well as an opportunity to meet the new Homecoming 2022-2023 Royal court. 

Homecoming Block Party

Friday, Oct. 21 | 3 p.m. | Towsontown Field

Get ready for the big game by catching up with friends, relaxing and mingling with administration and alumni alike. Students can show their tiger pride, dunk and admin in the dunk tank, play games or just come for great music and memories. There will also be food trucks serving up all of the fair favorites.

These are just a few of the events happening for Homecoming 2022. Learn how to show your stripes by checking out the complete Homecoming schedule. Students can also stay up to date with all of the events happening on campus by following the Student Activities’ Instagram page.