Entrepreneurship leads to increased accessibility at TU

Venture from the StarTUp Accelerator partners with TU to provide free assistive tech

By JAMIE ABELL on March 25, 2024

Rebecca Rosenberg sitting at a table.
Rebecca Rosenberg, CEO of ReBokeh Vision Technologies, Inc., at the company's new home in the StarTUp. (Alexander Wright | Towson University)

Rebecca Rosenberg, the CEO of ReBokeh Vision Technologies, Inc., kickstarted her career and business through the StarTUp Accelerator at TU. She recently partnered with Towson University to provide automatic, free and unlimited access to the premium version of ReBokeh's app-based technology, ReBokeh Plus, to anyone in the StarTUp at the Armory.

The StarTUp Accelerator is an eight-week, cohort-based fellowship where founders work collaboratively to accelerate ventures. “The accelerator felt like the perfect opportunity to bridge my lifestyle as a crazed student entrepreneur to a full-time founder,” says Rosenberg.

Using camera feature on the phone with the app to change the visuals of the TU logo.
ReBokeh app in use

She wants to help people like her who have moderate vision impairments and don’t need accommodations for total vision loss. The company’s assistive technology, the ReBokeh app, enables users to adjust the appearance of the world around them to fit their specific needs. Its versatile technology works by leveraging the live camera feed from a device and allowing users to overlay customized filters to adjust things like contrast, color hue, zoom and lighting to meet the needs of low-vision users.

Now, visitors to the StarTUp can use the premium version of the app for free. “The StarTUp is an incredible space to think about visual accessibility—there's screens, art, people looking for their friends. It’s an archetype of the space we can bring people to show them how the technology works,” says Rosenberg.

She credits her success to the accelerator and Patrick McQuown, executive director of entrepreneurship at TU. She noted McQuown was and continues to be “direct, honest and willing to take on the challenges. He was so willing to work with me to enhance what I created.”

Through the StarTUp, Rosenberg gained confidence and know-how, especially when it comes to talking with investors and building a financially viable business. Since her time at the accelerator in 2022, she has taken up residence in the StarTUp to continue growing her business alongside other members of her entrepreneurial community, including the founders of TapIn. Rosenberg has dreams of expanding her technology, even within the TU community, so people, regardless of the severity of their vision impairment, can have a more accessible experience.

"As a public space dedicated to accessibility and inclusivity, the StarTUp is thrilled to partner with ReBokeh in making our facilities even more welcoming and accommodating for all visitors,” says McQuown. “By offering the premium version of the ReBokeh app with enhanced features for free, we are ensuring that everyone, regardless of their visual abilities, can fully engage with our programs, art and public spaces. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to explore and enjoy all we have to offer."

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