TU Project/Construction Non-Affiliate Parking Request Form

This form is to be used by TU Department Managers to obtain approval for Construction & Project workers and project managers to have access to campus parking.  If approved, companies and/or workers will be required to complete additional forms and/or applications.

Please allow 3 business days for processing.

Personal Information

Estimated Project Dates requiring parking on campus: 

Project Manager - Access to Faculty/Staff Areas

Worker Personal Vehicles - Access to designated Towson Center Lot

Company Vehicles Requiring Special Access Close to Site

(*Note:  If parking is approved, Sub-Contractors will be required to complete the “Sub-Contractor” parking request form for their worker parking and if applicable, the Special Parking Request Form for special parking needs.  Approvals will be based on needs and availability of parking.)
Contractor/Project Company Information

If you do not have enough space on this form for a complete list of your Sub-Contractors, an email may be sent to uPark@towson.edu.  Please reference the project name and Contractor name on this form.