Provost's Budget Office Forms

Additional Compensation Faculty eForm
          Cancellation/Adjustment Form
         Faculty Additional Comp Initiation eForm Data

TU NE Travel Reimbursement forms
        TUNE Mileage Reimbursement Form

FACS Cancellations
      Contract Cancellation

Faculty Searches & Appointments forms

         Faculty/Librarian/Lecturer Appointment Request-Initiated by Administrative Assistants

         Faculty/Librarian/Lecturer Appointment Request-Initiated by Chair

         Faculty Appointment Request DocuSign Guide

         Faculty/Librarian/Lecturer Appointment In Lieu of Search

         W9 Form

          Faculty Candidate Reimbursement  - (Instructions)
          Faculty Candidate Overnight Lodging
          Faculty/Librarian Search Request
          Faculty Search Meal Ticket Request(Instructions)

Staff/Contingent OHR Forms
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         TU Forms Repository
          Flat Rate Form

Summer & Minimester Terms forms
       Graduate Program Director Summer Contract
       Request for Summer Teaching Load Exception
     Request for Minimester Teaching Load Exception

      Summer Pay Scale

    Minimester Pay Scale