Applying to Graduate

Catalog Reference - Applying to Graduate

An application must be completed for each degree/program that you are completing, including certificates.

Deadlines for Graduation Applications

Spring - January 15
Summer - July 4
Fall - August 15

For any of the reasons listed below, please contact the Graduation Office at 410-704-2095 or :

  • Deadline has passed for your specific term
  • Late applicant
  • Change or withdraw your application

Please note there is NO FEE to apply for graduation!

First-time applicants may apply online through their Student Center following the steps below:

  • Using the drop down menu in the Academics Section, located in the Student Center, select Apply for Graduation & press "Go" to the right of the menu
  • Select desired degree or certificate, then the graduation term from the drop-down menu
  • Press “Continue”, proofread the application information, press “Submit Application” if all is correct
  • If your academic program listing is incorrect, please contact us.

If you were denied graduation in a previous term, you must reapply for the term in which you will complete all requirements.

Late applicants and students wanting to change or withdraw their application, please call the Graduation Office at 410-704-2095 or at .