Class Schedule Building

Documents for building schedules can be found in the links below.

Email completed CTFs to . By copying the department chair and dean, the CTFs can be considered signed and approved.

Do not send via fax.

Carefully read the memo for the specified term.

Contact us if you want your schedule rolled or if you have any questions.

  • Suzanne Hill - x44347
  • Brooke Basta - x43269
  • Yolanda Carter - x45236


No class can be offered for more than 4 units.



FALL 2018


General Information Guide

Attachment A - Course Term File Form

Attachment B - Special Topic or Workshop Form

Attachment C - Free Format Notes Form

Attachment D - Classes That Meet Together Form

Attachment E - Section Numbers

Attachment F - Course Schedule Matrix

Attachment F - Course Schedule Matrix - SUMMER ONLY

Attachment G - Towson Seminar Courses

Scheduling Building Guide