Conduct Resolution Meeting & Hearing Procedure

Conduct Resolution Meeting

All students who are alleged to have violated policy(s) listed in the Code of Student Accountability are offered a Conduct Resolution Meeting (CRM). The purpose of the CRM is to allow the student to: 

  • share information about what occurred during the incident from their perspective,
  • view reports and documents related to the incident and respond to them,
  • offer names of witnesses who may be interviewed about the incident,
  • learn about the disciplinary process and options available,
  • have any questions they have about the process answered.

What to expect from a CRM (PDF)


When a student disagrees that their action(s) violated the policy(s) they are alleged to have violated and the possible outcome if they were found responsible would be Suspension, Expulsion, or Removal from On-Campus Housing, the case is resolved through a University Hearing.

This information about Hearing procedures is published in the Code of Student Accountability.

Preparing for Your Hearing

A Hearing is a meeting with the “Hearing Board.” The Hearing Board is made up of the faculty, students, and staff authorized by the SARP Director who meet with students to discuss alleged policy violation(s) and what happened from the student's perspective. This is your opportunity to have your side of the story heard and to add information to the investigation of the incident.

Prepare for Your Hearing (PDF)

If you have additional questions regarding how to prepare for your Hearing please contact the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices.