MD National Guard Tuition Waiver

MD National Guard Tuition Waiver Information

(Approved by the Board of Regents, July 12, 1996)


It is the purpose of this policy to permit USM institutions to waive 50% of the tuition, for a maximum of six credits per semester, for certain members of the Maryland National Guard who are admitted at institutions of the University System of Maryland and register for credit courses on a space available basis.


  1. Each USM institution may elect to waive 50% of the undergraduate or graduate tuition, for a maximum of six credit hours per semester, for regular or special status students enrolled in credit courses.
  2. In order to be eligible to participate, a MNG member must have at least 24 months remaining to serve in the MNG, as certified by the member's Company Commander, or have agreed in writing to serve for a minimum of 24 months.
  3. MNG members who wish to register under the provisions of this policy must be admitted through normal procedures to an institution of the USM prior to enrolling for coursework.
  4. The member's active status and eligibility for participation in this program must be certified by the member's Company Commander at least 30 days prior to the first day of the normal registration period.
  5. MNG members may register for up to six credit per regular fall and spring semester at reduced tuition rates. Registration will be on a space available basis; each institution shall adopt procedures to determine space availability, consistent with procedures currently in use for participants in other waiver programs (e.g. Golden ID program).
  6. This policy applies to regular tuition charges for the instructional program only. Fees, which include such things as registration, application, laboratory or appropriate self0support fees, are not included under this policy.
  7. Except for emergencies, health services at institutions where they exist, will not be available to MNG unless they are enrolled as regular full-time students and have paid the required student health fee.
  8. MNG members will be entitled to all normal academic support services, such as library access and academic/career counseling services, consistent with those services provided to other full-and part-time students.
  9. The participation in the tuition waiver program for MNG members is at the discretion of each institution and, not applicable to the professional schools of UMAB and UB. Institutions may limit access to specific programs and courses e.g. high demand, low enrollment, or self support, as warranted; a list of programs not available to MNG members through this waiver program shall be on file in the Office of the Chancellor and updated annually.
  10. If a recipient of the tuition waiver is discharged for a reason designated by the member's Company Commander, the tuition waiver terminates and the member owes the institution, within 30 days of discharge, the amount of the tuition waived for that semester.
  11. Each institution shall develop procedures for the implementation of this policy, including the development of whatever forms it deems necessary for tracking use of the waiver program.
  12. Benefits provided to MNG members under this policy will be identified separately in the annual financial aid reports to UMSA and MHEC.