If your financial aid award exceeds all charges for the term, you will be issued a rebate. You will be notified through your TU email address if one has been issued to you. Rebates can be expected no earlier than 5-7 days after the disbursement of your financial aid.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations on federal financial aid, the Student & University Billing Office treats each term individually. This means that financial aid received for a term must be used to credit only that term, with any excess sent out as a rebate. It is important to note that if your account has a balance from prior term charges; it is your responsibility to cover this balance with your rebate or another funding source prior to registering for the following term. In addition, if you drop classes from your schedule or withdraw from the university, you may have to repay some or all of your rebate.

Disbursement Online Center (DOC) Account 

The Student & University Billing Office uses DOC to make it easy for students to get their rebates without coming to the Student & University Billing Office in person. If you elect to enroll, your student rebate will be transmitted electronically to the bank account of your choice. If you do not enroll, your rebate will be automatically mailed to the permanent address you have on file with TU. At this time, only students can sign up, therefore all rebates from Parent Plus loans will be mailed to the borrowing parent directly to the permanent address on file.

Enrollment is free of charge and can be done by going to myTU for Students. Once there:

  • Login to Towson Online Services Student Dashboard

  • Click/Tap Student & Faculty Dashboard (tile)

  • Click/Tap the Financials Menu (left menu)

  • Click/Tap DOC Account Login (BankMobile)

Please note that the first time you log in to the system, you will need to have the unique code that BankMobile Disbursements (Our third party payment processor) sent to you. The code was sent in a bright green envelope to the permanent address you have on file with TU. It was also emailed to each TU students' email address. If you do not have this code, please see the FAQs in order to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student & University Billing Office initiates rebates and refunds on your behalf any time a credit occurs for the term on your account. However, the actual payment to you is provided by a third party partner. Beginning July 1st, 2016, BankMobile Disbursements replaces our prior third party partner PNC Bank. Please see below for more information.
Yes. As of July 1, 2016, all DOC rebate payments will be completed by BankMobile Disbursements. For your privacy and security, the personal information you gave to PNC was not given to BankMobile Disbursements. This means everyone will need to sign up for DOC and BankMobile.
BankMobile Disbursements assigns a unique code for each student as part of the security process. Your code was put in bright green envelope and sent to you at the permanent address you have on file with the university. Approximately one week later, the code was also send to each TU student's email address. Check those locations first. If you cannot locate or have lost this packet, you may generate your own personal code (using the “Need a Code?” link) to sign up for a refund selection .
Anytime there is a credit balance on your account which exceeds financial aid for your term charges, you will receive a rebate.
The fastest way to receive a rebate is to sign up for direct deposit. You can choose to have the rebate deposited in any bank account you already have, or you can elect to sign up for a new account with BankMobile Disbursements. You may still opt to receive a mailed paper check, but processing times for that option are longer. Amongst all options, rebates are generally received in 14 days or less after the excess credit occurred on your account. An email will be sent to your TU campus email when a rebate has been ordered and the (up to) 14 day process has begun.
Students who choose not to enroll in DOC will receive a paper check by default. It's important to note that not enrolling affects the time it takes for you to get your money. If you don’t choose a rebate/refund preference, your funds will automatically be held for two weeks and then sent via a paper check to the permanent address on file with TU. This delay can be avoided if you confirm your refund method selection ahead of time. Even if you don’t think you’re going to get a rebate or refund this semester, it’s still important to sign up. Your preference will be saved and used for future rebates and refunds.
If you prefer to have a paper check mailed, you may still change the address to which your check is sent. Go to your TU student center page and click “DOC Account Log in.” This will direct you to the secure BankMobile Disbursements page. Click the “User Profile” tab at the top, then click “Address & Phone”. Finally, select “Update” within the primary address box, make your changes and select “Update Address” once again to save the changes. You will receive an email from BankMobile Disbursements verifying this change. Please ensure its accuracy and update anytime you move. Also note that changing your address within the BankMobile Disbursements page does not change your address with Towson University. The address change process, as outlined above, only pertains to rebate/refund processing.
No. DOC is a completely free service to our students, whether you choose direct deposit or a paper check.
Yes. You may choose any checking or savings account that has a routing number and account number that is eligible to receive direct deposits.
The Student & University Billing Office must comply with federal Title IV regulations. Charges that occur outside of the financial aid year cannot be paid. For this reason it is very important that you check your account status after receiving a rebate and throughout the term. Accounts showing a balance above $250 will be placed under a registration hold. The balance must be paid prior to registering for the next term you wish to attend.
It depends on whether your parent, when applying for the PLUS loan, selected to allow the excess funds from the Plus loan to be forwarded to the student or not.
If your parent selected the option to have the excess funds go back to them, the Student & University Billing Office will send the Plus loan rebate via postal mail to the parent borrower’s address on file. If the credit in your account is greater than the entire parent loan amount disbursed, a second rebate will be sent via DOC for the difference directly to the student.
At this time, parents can not sign up for DOC. You will receive a paper check.

The following descriptions are as a result of excess credit on your account:

Financial Aid Rebate AA – DOC Rebate is expected but is currently on hold before being ordered.

Financial aid must be disbursed to your account approximately 10 days prior to a term start. We begin processing at this point.
Financial Aid Rebate – DOC Excess credit from Financial Aid
TowsonU Bursar Refund – DOC Credit on your account from cash, check or credit overpayment
Withdrawal Refund – DOC Credit due to course withdrawal
Schedule Change Refund – DOC Credit from a course schedule change
Financial Petition Refund – DOC Credit from an approved financial petition
Deposit Refund – DOC Credit from a housing deposit reversal
Housing Refund – DOC Credit from a housing plan change
Meal Plan Refund – DOC Credit from a meal plan change
Questions about login information,
rebate options, addresses rebates
are sent, or updating your DOC account
Questions about the timing or the
amount of your refund
Student & University Billing Office 410-704-2100