Appeal Procedures

Appeal Procedures

A Student, Student Group, or Student Organization may appeal a decision of responsibility for a Code violation and/or the associated sanction as follows:

  • To the Student Appeals Committee if the misconduct subjects the individual or entity to  Suspension, Expulsion, or Removal from On-Campus Housing; or
  • To the Student Conduct Appellate Board if the misconduct subjects the individual or entity to any sanction other than Suspension, Expulsion, or Removal from On-Campus Housing.

 The only valid basis for an appeal of a finding of Code violation or disciplinary sanction is:

  • A material violation of due process rights;
  • Evident bias in the decision of the individual conducting an investigation, Conduct Resolution Meeting, Hearing, or other proceeding;
  • New information which was not available at the time of the original Hearing; and/or
  • Imposition of an inconsistent or overly severe sanction.

The following requirements apply to appeals:

  • Appeals must be submitted in writing to OSCCE by the deadline indicated in the outcome letter. Failure to appeal within the allotted time renders the original decision and/or sanction final and conclusive.
  • In cases of an alleged violation of the Policy on Sexual Misconduct, a Reporting Party may submit an appeal.
  • Appeals may not be submitted by third parties, including friends, family members, or attorneys. 
  • Sanctions will not be deferred while an appeal is pending absent good cause and approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee).


Appeals should be received by the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education in one of the following ways:

  • Submitted online via the unique link located at the end of the sanction letter emailed to your student email address. (Note: this option is not available to all students depending on how your letter was sent).
    • Delivered in person to: Administration Building, Room 236
    • Sent via email to:
    • Mailed via US Mail to the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education, 8000 York Rd. Towson, MD 21252