Homecoming Committee

Homecoming week is coordinated and planned by the students on the TU homecoming committee. The homecoming committee begins planning in February each year, through summer, and all the way up to homecoming week to provide a memorable celebration of roughly thirty committee members, and countless volunteers to make homecoming happen. 


Members of the Homecoming Committee are responsible for all aspects of Homecoming planning including selecting the theme of the week, the events, and everything down to selecting t-shirt designs.  However, Homecoming week is too large for the committee to pull off by itself.  We welcome student volunteers in the Fall semester to help execute all aspects of Homecoming week.  Volunteers get a glimpse into the inner workings of Homecoming.  Both Homecoming committee members and volunteers receive all the themed giveaway items such as exclusive t-shirts and more.

Interested in joining the Homecoming Committee?  Applications for the 2020 Homecoming Committee will become available early February 2020.  Check back for details.