Tigerfest Week

Tigerfest is an annual celebration of the best aspects of student life at Towson University. Traditionally held during the second week of April, Tigerfest features arts, athletics, academics, an outdoor festival, a concert at SECU Arena, and the largest community service event of the year — The Big Event.

Event Specifics for April 2021 TigerFest Week:

Tigerfest will be broken into three days, with each day featuring a series of events that will take place throughout the day following a specific theme for that day. The three themes are:

  1. Around the World
  2. MET Gala
  3. Theme Park

Tigerfest 2021: CABCHELLA -- The Revival

Monday, April 12th – MET Gala

  • Towson student org performances (potentially MOD, Trend Models, Theater dept) 12:30-1:30pm
  • Musical performance by T-Ray, hiphop violinist 2-3pm
  • In-person red carpet photobooth (Glambot) 4-6pm
  • Lucky Daye Pre-show party 6-7pm
  • Musical performance by Lucky Daye 8-9pm

Wednesday, April 14th:  -- CAB Carnival

  • West Village Food hand out for theme park food event 12pm
  • Marcus Monroe Comedian and Juggler (12-1pm)
  • How to make theme park food (funnel cake, fried Oreos, etc.) (2-3pm)
  • Chris Jones Hypnosis (4-5pm)
  • Preshow with a giveaway (6-6:45pm)
  • Musical performance and meet and greet by: Giveon (7-8pm)

Thursday, April 15th – Battle of the Bands/Talent Show

  • Live/recorded student performances that will be ranked/judged by social media votes

Friday, April 16th

  • Around the World
  • 4 artists from 3 different regions/cultures
    • Joanne Shenandoah (Native American cultural performance) 11:30/12pm
    • Amber Lucid (Latinx music) 2pm
    • MC Hot Dog (K-Pop artist) 5pm
    • Pamyua (Native American Music and Dance) 8pm
  • Pippi’s Asian Name Painting – 3-5pm
  • Towson Cultural Student Org performances (CSA, LASO, and ADC have been contacted)
  • Bumble collaboration dating event/Food trucks at Paws Pavilion 2-5pm

Please check out Campus Activities Board for more details.