Student Leadership

Leadership development is a cornerstone of the TU student experience. Towson University believes that leadership is not about being in charge; it is about your integrity, your self-awareness, and your vision for creating change well beyond the classroom.


Leadership experiences at TU are designed to develop engaged and self-aware students who possess the skills necessary to create positive change not only in the TU community, but in the greater global community as well. TU is an ideal setting for students to grow as individuals and leaders.

The Office of Student Activities offers the following leadership education opportunities, so there is something for everybody:     

For the 2021-2022 academic year, we have both in-person and virtual programs, to suit each student’s needs and interests. Follow us on Instagram @leadattu to stay up-to-date on our programs.

Join us for lunch

Leadership Lunch Series

If you lead a TU student organization, you’re invited to join us for Leadership Lunch each month to learn key leadership skills that will help you lead your organization successfully. Register to attend

Oct. 19: Motivating the Middle (Member Engagement)

If you’re a college student leader and you’re frustrated that you and a few others do all the work, you need to start “Motivating the Middle” in your organization. Focus on the members who hate drama, care for your organization, and prefer to play a supporting role. Understanding what gets them engaged, and what they can contribute may solve your most pressing leadership challenges. Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Matt Lenno will lead the discussion.  

Nov 9: Transitions and Goal Setting—Making Dreams a Reality

With everything going on in the world today, everyone is facing change. With change comes the need to adjust goals. As a student leader, you may be facing transitions in leadership that impact goals on a personal and group level. We will look at transitions, and setting personal and group goals going into the second term. What's your vision for yourself as a leader? Or for your organization? How do you set SMART goals? Graduate Assistant of Leadership Sophia Rampolla will lead this discussion.  

More reasons to attend

  • Attending a Leadership Lunch fulfills some requirements for the Tigers Lead Tier One certificate. Learn more.  
  • You can earn TigerStripes points for your student organization or club by attending a Leadership Lunch. Learn more.