Tigers Lead

Tigers Lead is a three-tier leadership development program that guides students in discovering themselves as a leader through interactive workshops and hands-on experiences.

Using the Social Change Model of Leadership developed by the Higher Education Research Institute of UCLA, the objective of Tigers Lead is to develop high self-awareness and tangible leadership skills in order to create social change agents. 

Tigers Lead has a distinct pathway that can be completed as a consecutive track, stand-alone workshops, or social engagement opportunities for likeminded student leaders. To find more information on the upcoming workshops for Tier One check Involved at TU

Tier One: Emerging Leadership

Tier One explores the individual values of an emerging leader. Completion of Tier One requires 3 core workshops and 3 additional flex options. Students that complete Tier One will be eligible to advance to Tier 2 as well as receive a certificate of completion.

As a result of participating in Tier One, students will:

  • Enhance their sense of self-awareness by understanding their strengths
  • Articulate their leadership style and how it is applied
  • Identify their core values and how they shape their decision making
  • Identify core components of their own identity and the identity of others

Tier Two: Mastering Leadership

Tier Two operates as a weekly, eight-week cohort program that focuses on the development of a leader. Within the cohort, tier two leaders learn about leadership from a group lens, exploring topics such as conflict, development, and strengths of a team. If eligible for Tier Two, register during the first two weeks of the semester on Involved at TU under Forums.

As a result of participating in Tier Two, students will:

  • Clarify their own leadership philosophy, and how that varies from those of others
  • Implement strategies to motivate and delegate to others
  • Explore power dynamics and identify different sources of power within a group
  • Articulate their personal approach to conflict and identify areas for improvement in conflict management
  • Implement strategies for developing future leaders and sustaining groups after one leaves

Tier Three: The E.L.I.T.E. 

(Executive Leadership Intensive Training Experience)

Tier Three is a cohort based immersive experience. As a novel program, Tier Three focuses on the last level of the Social Change Model of Leadership- community. In this ten-week engaging capstone experience, students put their leadership skills into practice through a community engagement project.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Attendance at workshops is collected via a feedback form presented at the end of the workshop. Students may track their progress by accessing the Tigers Lead Tracking Document available on InvolvedTU under Campus Links.

To attend regular workshops, students only have to show up. Upcoming workshops can be found on Involved@TU.

There are six workshops required in total. Three workshop topics are required (Are You a Leader?, Discovering Your Strengths, and Leading in a Diverse World) and then you can attend any three additional programs that interest you! The elective sessions may be Tigers Lead workshops, Leadership Lunch programs, or any other leadership program.

No problem! You must complete the Tier One certificate within the same academic year, but not the same semester.

You must complete Tier One before participating in Tier Two. If you’ve completed Tier One, you’ll hear from us about the registration deadline for Tier Two!