The Division of Student Affairs fosters and celebrates learning, respect, community and involvement. We present the following awards and scholarships to promote the spirit of active campus participation and reward students, student organizations, and faculty/staff members who are outstanding in their efforts.


Individual award categories

The Career Center Student Employee of the Year Award
This award recognizes an individual student who has maintained a 3.0 GPA  while working a minimum of ten hours per week on and/or off campus. Nominees may be any student who shows proof working on or off campus for at least six months, between August 2009 to present. Nominees are selected based on reliability, quality of work, initiative, disposition and contribution to employer.
The Eco-Tiger Award
This award recognizes an individual undergraduate student who displays eco-friendly behavior in their lives, educates peers about sustainability and contributes to significant environmental activism on Towson's campus. This student is an exemplary model for others, demonstrating and engaging the Towson community in sustainable initiatives.
 The Emerging Student Leader Award 
 This award is designed to recognize a freshman or sophomore who exhibits outstanding potential as a campus and/or community leader. This student has demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service through student organization and university committee participation, academic achievement, athletics and/ or outstanding contributions to campus life. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required.
 The James R. Saxon Memorial Scholarship 
This scholarship recognizes a graduating senior who has demonstrated leadership, service, and good citizenship by participating in campus life or contributing significantly to the campus community. The nominee must be or have been involved in intercollegiate athletics or intramural sports and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. 
The LeaderShape Vision Award 
 This award recognizes a graduate of the LeaderShape Institute who exemplifies the values of LeaderShape and has shown progress towards achieving their personal vision statements at Towson University and beyond. Candidates must have at least a 2.5 GPA. 
 The Mary Leeper Student Government Scholarship
 This scholarship is named after current SGA Administrative Assistant, recognizes a freshman or sophomore actively involved in a student organization. This student has made a significant impact in their organization and has demonstrated potential for outstanding future leadership.
 The Outstanding Advisor Award 
This award recognizes faculty, staff, and community or alumni volunteers who have provided a student organization with outstanding support and service in the role of an advisor during the academic year. Two awards may be awarded; however, preference will be given to the individual whose job functions do not include advising
student organizations. 
 The Outstanding Community Service Award 
This award recognizes an individual student who has displayed a pattern of leadership through community service to Towson University and/or the external community. 
The Outstanding Graduate Student Award 
This award recognizes a graduate student who has demonstrated continual leadership and service to the university through student organization and university committee participation, academic achievement, and outstanding contributions to campus life within their area of study. A minimum 3.5 GPA. is required. 
 The Outstanding On-Campus Student Employer Award 
This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has fostered professionalism, provided proper training, organization, and planning to help students succeed in their job. Nominees must have supervised the work of at least one student employee for a minimum of six months. 
 The Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Member Award 
 This award recognizes a faculty member who develops and teaches a course with a service-learning component with evidence of innovative ways of employing a reflective teaching methodology to connect service-learning with academic study. This person will have also demonstrated leadership that promotes service-learning within one’s discipline, college or institution, and participate in engaged scholarship, such as research, published materials, and presentations on service-learning or community-based research.
The Social Action Award  
 This award recognizes an individual student who has made exceptional contribution to the development of a multicultural campus community through commitment to an issue, cause, or social justice organization. The recipient of this award must also show that his/her work has definable accomplishments, achievements and/or impact on the Towson community. Additionally, this individual must be willing to put himself or herself
on the line, be willing to take risks for issues or concerns greater than self, show understanding and links between forms of oppression, and build bridges across communities.
 The Tiger Pride Award 
 This award recognizes a graduating senior who has made significant contributions to enhance the lives of those within and beyond the Towson Community. In particular, the recipient demonstrates qualities stated in the Tiger Pledge: responsibility for his/her behavior, an excellent work ethic, respect for him/herself and others, involvement with campus and community, and a spirit of optimism. Nominees must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
 The Towson Global Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
 This award rewards graduate or undergraduate students who demonstrate innovative thinking and outstanding entrepreneurial skills. Student must participate and demonstrate self-motivation and leadership in entrepreneurial activities and organizations; show entrepreneurial characteristics like risk-taking, goal-oriented, innovative thinking, and self-motivation; and participate as a member of entrepreneurial organization(s). Minimum 3.0 GPA.
 The Unsung Hero Award 
 This award recognizes one male and one female student who have made significant differences in their respective organizations, without holding executive positions. These students are role models in a behind the scenes manner and are positive influences on the entire group.
 The Vice President for Student Affairs Award
This award recognizes a junior or senior who has demonstrated continual leadership and service to the university through student organizations, university committee participation, academic achievement and outstanding contributions to campus life. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required. Ten awards may be presented.

Program award categories

The Outstanding Multicultural Program Award
This award recognizes a specific program sponsored by a student organization or multiple organizations that have increased cultural awareness and appreciation of differences beyond the mission of the organization.
The Outstanding Program Award
This award recognizes a program sponsored by a student organization. This program significantly impacts campus life and generates substantial interest on campus.

Organizational Award Categories

The Hoke L. Smith Outstanding Student Organization Award 
This award recognizes a student organization that has developed its group through membership, recruitment, leadership, participation in programming, and has made a consistent contribution to campus life.
The Outstanding Community Service Award 
This award recognizes a student organization that has displayed a pattern of leadership through community service to Towson University and/or the external community.