ILead Program

From the Student Activities office comes the iLead program. This is an opportunity for students to earn recognition for their leadership efforts, and is open to all Towson University students.

Upon completion, students will be recognized at the iLead Graduation ceremony in May and will receive a pin, a certificate, and a letter of recommendation. This leadership journey will help you connect with other Towson students, will build your leadership skills, and will be a great addition to your resume!

For more information, contactor .

It is our hope that every Towson University student will have the opportunity to explore their own leadership philosophy. They will produce positive change within and beyond the Towson community.

Workshop Topics

  1. Finding the Leader in You
  2. CliftonStrengths
  3. Inclusive Leadership
  4. The Power of Relationships
  5. Envisioning Your Future

Personal Coaching

In place of either missing a workshop or not being able to attend them, students will have an opportunity to sign up for one-on-one leadership development sessions with either Ashly or Elssa. These sessions will focus on many similar topics as the workshops, and help participants expand their leadership repertoire by working on their personal leadership goals.

Student Leadership Consultant (SLC) Option

Student groups can request a SLC to come to one of their meeting times and present an ILead workshop to their group. They can also request the SLC to return to present more workshops, and the student group could finish the program.  To request a group workshop, email .

Steps to Complete the Program 

  1. Attend a workshop or sign up for personal coaching by emailing Ashly or Elssa
  2. Attend one of each of the categories of workshops or 5 total coaching sessions
  3. Once all five sessions are completed, students will be awarded with a certificate of completion, a pin, and a letter of recommendation


  1. Who keeps track of it all?
    Students just have to show up and sign in! We take care of tracking where they are in the program.
  2. How do I get started?
    To attend regular workshops, students only have to show up. Email Elssa or Ashly for personal coaching or to request an SLC meeting.
  3. What if I don’t finish this semester?
    No problem! Whatever workshops you have completed will count for the next semester.

Graduate Assistant of Leadership

Student Activities
Elssa Kenfack