Tigers Lead

Tigers Lead is a leadership development program that guides students in discovering themselves as a leader and developing critical and tangible leadership skills and strategies through hands-on activities and critical dialogue. The program is fun, interactive, and meant to accommodate a student’s busy schedule and their unique interests.  Tigers Lead is broken up into two tiers.

Tier One, The Emerging Leader

Tigers Lead, Tier One is for emerging leaders to explore leadership styles, strengths, values and identity. Students will participate in a variety of programs that focus on personal development. Designed from the Social Change Model, Tier One programs focus on individual values, and helping students develop their congruence, commitment and consciousness of self. Tier One is open to all TU students. This is formerly known as the iLead program.

As a result of participating in Tier One, students will:

  • Enhance their sense of self-awareness by understanding their strengths
  • Articulate their leadership style and how it is applied
  • Identify their core values and how they shape their decision making
  • Identify core components of their own identity and the identity of others


  • Register on Involved@TU under Tigers Lead
  • Attend the programs:
    • Are You a Leader?
    • Discovering Your Strengths
    • Leading in a Diverse World
  • Attend three additional programs of your choosing
    • Additional Tigers Lead workshops will be posted on the Involved@TU page
      • Other Lead@TU programs will count for credit as well, such as Leadership Lunch or Lead Read programs.
      • Benefits:
  • Registered students will receive a Lead@TU folder and pen
  • Students that complete Tier One will receive a certificate, and an invitation to our end-of-year celebration

For upcoming Tier One workshops, see the schedule here.  For the 2021-2022 academic year, there are both in-person and virtual options for workshops.

For more information, contact  or

Tier Two, The Development Leader

Coming in spring 2022!

Tigers Lead, Tier Two is for developing leaders to learn about leadership from a group lens, exploring topics such as conflict, development and strengths of a team, equity and inclusivity and developing a legacy. Designed from the Social Change Model, Tier Two focuses on group values, including collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility. Tier Two is open to students who have completed Tier One or have attended LeaderShape. Tier Two is a cohort-based experience and is held for eight weeks each semester. This is formerly known as the We Lead program.

As a result of participating in Tier Two, students will:

  • Clarify their own leadership philosophy, and how that varies from those of others
  • Implement strategies to motivate and delegate to others
  • Explore power dynamics and identify different sources of power within a group
  • Articulate their personal approach to conflict and identify areas for improvement in conflict management
  • Implement strategies for developing future leaders and sustaining groups after one leaves

To register for Tier Two, register during the first two weeks of the semester on Involved@TU.


  • Registered students will receive a Lead@TU folder and pen
  • Students that complete Tier Two will receive a professional padfolio, letter of recommendation and an invitation to our end-of-year celebration

For more information, contact or .

Tier Three, The Established Leader

Coming in fall 2022!

Student Leadership Consultant (SLC)

Looking for leadership development for your entire student organization? Student organizations can request an undergraduate SLC to come to one of their meeting times and present a Tigers Lead, Tier One workshop to their group. Workshops can be facilitated in person, or virtually. To request a workshop, email leadattu@towson.edu.


  1. Who keeps track of it all?
    For Tier One programs, students just have to show up and sign in at every workshop! We take care of tracking where they are in the program.
  2. How do I get started?
    To attend regular workshops, students only have to show up. If you intend on completing Tier One, make sure to complete the registration on Involved@TU.
  3. How many workshops do I need to attend for Tier One?
    There are six workshops required in all. Three workshop topics are required (Are You a Leader? Discovering Your Strengths and Leading in a Diverse World) and then you can attend any three additional programs that interest you! The elective workshops may be Tigers Lead, Leadership Lunch programs, or any other leadership program.
  4. What if I don’t finish Tier One this semester?
    No problem! You must complete the Tier One certificate within the same academic year, but not the same semester.
  5. How do I sign up for Tier Two?

You must complete Tier One before participating in Tier Two. If you’ve completed Tier One, you’ll hear from us about the registration deadline for Tier Two!



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Roodinz Vital
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