Tiger Stripes Program

The Tiger Stripes Program incentivizes student group training resulting in longer lasting organizations and positive contributions to campus life.

For detailed information about Tiger Stripes Points Opportunities, please check out our Tiger Stripes Document.

Standard Benefits for All Student Organizations

  • Room reservations through ECS for group meetings and events
  • Access to an SGA senator
  • Ability to reserve a table for the Fall/Spring Involvement Fair
  • Official listing of your organization on Involved@TU
  • May request a university group e-mail account 
  • May advertise events on campus and through electronic media, such as TU Today and the Master Event’s Calendar
  • Access to the collaboration fund

How to Earn Tiger Points

Tiger Points can be earned through meeting with an SGA senator, attending Tigers Lead workshops, attending a Student Organization Town Hall, hosting an event on Involved@TU, community service, philanthropic donations, and more. The list of up to date opportunities to earn Tiger Points can be seen on the Tiger Stripes Document.

Tiger Stripes Packages

Mandatory Requirements for All Groups to Remain an Active Organization:

  • Complete online registration form each semester on Involved@TU
  • Turn in advisor re/commitment form (Fall ONLY)
  • Have an up-to-date constitution on file in your organization’s document section on your group’s Involved@TU page
  • Have at least one officer attend and sign in at the Student Group Summit each semester

Requirements: Complete all mandatory requirements and earn 50 Tiger Stripes Points

Benefits: Access to two supplemental requests from SGA

Requirements: Complete all mandatory requirements and earn 100 Tiger Stripes Points

Benefits: Can request a budget from SGA with access to Activity, Equipment, and Advertising accounts & acess to 3 supplemental requests from SGA

Requirements: Complete all mandatory requirements and earn 150 Tiger Stripes Points

Benefits: Access to Travel account as a part of SGA budget, early registration for rooms for the following year during the spring semster, can recieve up to $150 for a banner with your organization's name on it from SGA (once per year), $125 for food at your group's meetings.

Package Assignments

All active Student Organizations are automatically enrolled in the Tiger Stripes Program. When a new Student Organization is formed, they are automatically assigned Package 1 and can earn Tiger Points to upgrade to a higher package. Package assignments are updated for all groups on a semester-by-semester basis based on the requirements completed and additional Tiger Points from the previous semester.

For example: the Tiger Points you earn in the Fall go toward your group's Spring package assignment. To move up packages, a group must complete the mandatory requirements and the necessary amount of Tiger Points for the Package they wish to be. 


Student Organizations can request a budget from SGA if they are Package 3 or Package 4. Having a budget allows a group additional opportunities for programming, equipment, advertising, and Package 4 for travel. 

Contact Information

Coordinator of Student Organizations

Student Organizations
Chris Rindosh
University Union
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.