Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Duo is a multi-factor authentication tool chosen by Towson University to prevent data breaches, and to prove that you are you. This page provides self-help resources for using Duo at TU.

Please note: This service is cloud hosted and updates are not controlled by Towson University. Towson University documentation for the service is reviewed quarterly to bring it into alignment with the most recent version of the service or software.   

How Do I Begin?

You are not automatically enrolled in Duo - you must enroll devices manually. It is recommended that you enroll multiple devices such as a smartphone (iPhone or Android) and your office or home landlines.  

Enrolling a Device

Below is the process to enroll a smartphone (the preferred device). It is recommended that devices are enrolled via a personal computer. Using a mobile device to enroll is complicated and not as intuitive.

  1. Log into Duo: navigate to www.towson.edu/netid and click the Enroll and Manage Duo Devices link under the Faculty/Staff NetID Tools.
  2. Choose the type of device you will add (mobile phone, landline, tablet).
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Choose the type of phone (iPhone, Android, etc.).
  5. Install Duo Mobile on your smartphone.
  6. Activate Duo Mobile by scanning the QR code or choose to receive an activation link.
  7. Device is enrolled.

How Does Duo Work?

Duo adds a second layer of security using a second factor such as an app, text, or telephone call.

Authentication Steps

  1. Make sure to enroll your smartphone, tablet or landline. This is a one time occurrence.
  2. Enter your NetID username and password into a protected TU system.
  3. Use your enrolled device to verify your identity. This may come in the form of a push notification through the Duo app, a telephone call, or a code generated by the app or sent via a text message (some may have a hardware token).
  4. You can now access the system.

Self-Help Resources

Below are resources to guide you through enrolling different devices, authentication methods and managing devices.

topic self-help video
Enrolling an iPhone  (PDF)
Enrolling an Android Phone  (PDF)
Enrolling an iPad (PDF) (VIDEO)
Enrolling a Landline (PDF) (VIDEO)
Enroll and Authenticate Using a Hardware Token (PDF)  
Enrolling an Additional Device   (VIDEO)
Authentication Methods (PDF) (VIDEO)
Managing Devices (PDF) (VIDEO)
Pre-Create Emergency Duo Passcodes (PDF)  
Quick Reference Guide (PDF)  
FAQs (PDF)  
Five Questions With: Patrick Rohe   (VIDEO)

Use the Duo Mobile App

No Wi-Fi or Cell Service? You can still use Duo!

Generate passcodes without a cell signal, data or a reliable Wi-Fi connection using the Duo mobile app on your enrolled device:

  1. Enroll your iPhone, Android or iPad in Duo, which includes downloading the Duo mobile app.
  2. When prompted for Duo authentication, open the Duo mobile app and press the key icon next to your Towson entry to generate a passcode.
  3. Use the code for authentication: choose the "Passcode" option in the Duo prompt, then enter the passcode that appeared on your phone. 

Note: if you use an enrolled office or home phone, Wi-Fi isn't needed.

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