Panopto is an easy-to-use and flexible recording package, integrates closely with Blackboard, and allows for easy online content sharing. Read TU's Panopto policies and procedures (PDF). Log into Panopto using your TU NetID to record, access and share videos. 

This service and vendor documentation are cloud hosted. Updates are not controlled by Towson University. TU-specific documentation is reviewed quarterly to bring it into alignment with the most recent version of the service or software.

Need a New Folder?

All courses auto-create Blackboard course folders, which should be used to house their content. If you need a departmental folder or a separate place for research or other materials, you can request a separate Panopto folder by emailing or creating a ticket with this info:

  • Name of the folder
  • Users who should have creator access (ability to create or view)
  • Users who should have viewer access (ability to view only)

Training Resources

Get started

Panopto: Downloading the Recorder for PC (PDF) and Mac (PDF)
You must download the Panopto Focus recorder before using Panopto.

Panopto: Recorder Login (PDF)
Learn how to re-login to the Panopto recorder (ie. after you change your TU NetID password). 

Panopto: Introduction to Panopto Capture (VIDEO) and (PDF)
Panopto Capture allows users to easily record audio, video, and entire screens or application windows with a web browser and an internet connection. No need to download an application.

Panopto: Using the iPhone App (PDF)
Get a basic overview of how to record and view sessions in Panopto using the iOS application on an iPhone or iPad.

Working in Panopto

Panopto: Recording from a PC (PDF)
Learn how to record a computer screen, video, audio, PowerPoint/Keynote or a combination of them, using the Panopto PC recorder.

Panopto: Recording from a Mac (PDF)
Learn how to record a computer screen, video, audio, PowerPoint/Keynote or a combination of them, using the Panopto Mac recorder.

Panopto: Understanding Folder Management (PDF)
Learn the different folder types and how to create new folders in Panopto.

Panopto: Uploading a Pre-recorded Video (PDF)
If you've recorded a video in Collaboate Ultra, Zoom, WebEx or other recording software you can upload the video to your Panopto folder.

Panopto: Auto Caption (PDF)
See how to turn on the free auto-captioning feature in Panopto. 

Panopto: Moving or Copying Videos (PDF)
Here's how to create a copy of a video or move it to another folder.

Panopto: Moving a Zoom Recording (PDF)
When recording a Zoom Session to the cloud, a copy of the recording is made available in your Panopto Meeting Recordings folder. Locate and move your recording to any folder you would like.

Panopto: Share Settings for Panopto Videos (PDF)
Videos can be shared in a Blackboard course or outside of Blackboard.

Panopto: Deleting a Video (PDF)
Deleting a video helps keep storage space low, allowing for easier content management and searching. 

Panopto: Create and Share a Live Webcast in Windows (Panopto Support Webpage)
Learn how to setup a live webcast and start broadcasting

Panopot: create a Webcast URL and Waiting room in Advance (Panopto Support Webpage)
Larn how to crea and share a webcast URL prior to a live broadcast, and start the broadcast on Windows or Mac. You can also add a preview image to display in the waiting room


Original Course View Faculty

Panopto: Provisioning Your Blackboard Course (PDF)
For Faculty: Provisioning your Blackboard course integrations your Blackboard course with a Panopto course folder. Each course that you want to incorporate with Panopto has to be provisioned. Only faculty can provision courses.

Panopto: Create a Grade Assignment (Panopto Support Webpage)
For Faculty: Create a video submission assignment in your Blackboard course. It will integrate into your Blackboard Grade Center and allow your students to submit a video directly to the assignment.

Panopto: Creating an Assignment Folder (PDF)
For Faculty: Enabling/creating an assignment folder grants students the ability to record and submit content to a Professor's folder. This does not integrate into your Blackboard Grade Center.

Panopto: Copy a Video from an Assignment Folder to Parent Course (PDF)
For Faculty: Students cannot access or view other student’s content while in the assignment folder. If you want students to be able to view each other’s recordings, you must first copy those recordings from the drop box to the parent course in Panopto. After that, you can add the video to the Blackboard course.

Ultra Course View Faculty

Panopto: Link a Panopto Folder to Your Ultra Course (PDF)
For Faculty: Create a link in your Ultra course to allow students to access all videos in your Panopto course folder.

Panopto: Copy a Panopto Folder to Your Ultra Course (PDF)
For Faculty: Copy a previous semester's Panopto folder to your new semester's course Panopto folder.

Panopto: Embed a Panopto Video into Your Ultra Course (PDF)
For Faculty: Embed an individual Panopto video into your Ultra course.

Panopto: Edit a Panopto Video in Ultra course (PDF)
For Faculty: Edit a Panopto video from within your Ultra course.

Panopto: Create Ultra Course Panopto Assignment (Panopto Support Webpage)
For Faculty: Create a Panopto assignment in your Ultra course for student submission.

Students Orignal Course View

Panopto: Original Course Student Assignment Submission (PDF)
For Students: Students can only submit to an assignment folder once it has been created by the instructor.

Students Ultra Course View

Panopto: Ultra Course Student Assignment Submission (Panopto Support Webpage)
For Students: Students can only submit to an assignment folder once it has been created by the instructor.

Recorded Sessions: Training Videos


Learn how to access Panopto, locate your folders, record videos, and how to move or reuse videos. Watch the video.


Learn how to use the video editor, explore sharing options, how to auto-caption, and use a Panopto Assignment folder. Watch the video.

For staff

Learn how to log into Panopto without a Blackboard class, manage folders and share videos, record in Panopto, download videos from Zoom, and how to upload videos to Panopto. Watch the video.

Panopto and Zoom

Learn how Zoom and Panopto interact, including how to log in and locate your Zoom recordings in Panopto, download and delete videos from Zoom, upload to Panopto, and move and share videos in Panopto. Watch the video.



Faculty and staff who intend to use instructional lecture capture resources supported by Towson University are to adhere to the Instructional Lecture Capture Guidelines to ensure the FERPA regulations are not violated.

Release Form

If a faculty/staff member intends to reuse recordings where the image, voice or materials of students are captured, the Instructional Lecture Capture Release Form must be used. *Be sure to read the guidelines (above) first.

Panopto Support

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