Panopto is the instructional recording capture tool offered by Towson University. Video capture allows anyone to record a presentation, lecture, audio clip, or screen recording and make it available for future playback.

Please note: This service is cloud hosted and updates are not controlled by Towson University. Towson University documentation for the service is reviewed quarterly to bring it into alignment with the most recent version of the service or software.   

Panopto is an easy-to-use and flexible instructional recording package. This technology can help faculty connect and engage with students online and outside of the classroom from any computer or mobile device.

Panopto integrates closely with Blackboard allowing faculty to easily share content online. Faculty and staff can log into the service using their Net ID, record videos for courses that they are an instructor of, and automatically limit viewing access to only students registered for that course.

Panopto Process summary

Get up and running with Panopto in six easy steps: 

  1. Provision your course - Faculty only.
  2. Download the recorder (if using a personal device).
  3. Create an assignment folder (if students will be creating videos) - Faculty only.
  4. Create your video.
  5. Edit your video (if necessary).
  6. Share your video via Blackboard (a Blackboard account is necessary to use Panopto) - Faculty only.

Instructions for performing these steps are found in the Training Resources section below.

Panopto Training Resources

Panopto: Provisioning Your Course (PDF)
Before you can begin recording using Panopto, you must first provision your Blackboard account. Provisioning is the process of preparing and equipping an account so that it integrates with Panopto. Each course that you want to incorporate with Panopto has to be provisioned. Only faculty can provision courses.

Panopto: Downloading the Recorder (PDF)
If you wish to use Panopto from a personal PC, you must first download the Panopto Focus Recorder. This self-help document will step you through the process.

Panopto: Downloading the Recorder (Mac) (PDF)
If you wish to use Panopto from a personal Mac, you must first download the Panopto Focus Recorder. This self-help document will step you through the process.

Panopto: Creating an Assignment Folder (PDF)
Enabling an assignment folder grants students the ability to record and submit content to a Professor's folder. This self-help document will guide you through the steps in creating an assignment folder.

Panopto: End-User Guide (PDF)
This guide is used in the Panopto instructor-led workshop. It covers provisioning a single or multiple courses, logging in, navigation, creating a recording, viewing and sharing a recording, editing, downloading the recorder (PC) and installing the software installation package.

Panopto: Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
This easy to use Quick Reference Guide will get you up and running quickly with Instructional Recording using Panopto.

Panopto: Copy a Video from an Assignment Folder to Parent Course (PDF)
Students cannot access or view other student’s content while in the assignment folder. If you want students to be able to view each other’s recordings, you must first copy those recordings from the drop box to the parent course in Panopto. After that, you can add the video to the Blackboard course.

Panopto: Software Installation (PDF)
Panopto student access is granted when a faculty member creates an Assignment Folder. Students enrolled in that Blackboard course can install the Panopto Recorder and upload recordings to the assignments folder. This document steps you through the installation process for non-Towson owned machines.

Panopto: Using the iPhone App (PDF)
Recording and viewing sessions in Panopto can also be achieved using the Panopto iOS application on an iPhone (or iPad). In this self-help document, you will be given a basic overview of how to use the iOS app.

Panopto: Recording from a Mac (PDF)
The Panopto Mac Recorder can record a computer screen, video, audio, PowerPoint/Keynote or any combination thereof. This self-help document will cover making a recording on a Mac with Panopto.

Panopto: Deleting a Video (VIDEO)
Deleting a video helps keep storage space low, allows for easier management of content and allows for easier searching. This video will walk you through how to delete a Panopto video.

Panopto: Understanding Folder Management (VIDEO)
In this quick video, you will learn how to select the right folder for recording your Panopto videos.

Instructional lecture capture guidelines and release form


Faculty and staff who intend to use instructional lecture capture resources supported by Towson University are to adhere to the Instructional Lecture Capture Guidelines to ensure the FERPA regulations are not violated.

Release Form

If a faculty/staff member intends to reuse recordings where the image, voice or materials of students are captured, the Instructional Lecture Capture Release Form must be used. *Be sure to read the guidelines (above) first.

Panopto Support

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