Windows Operating Systems

Below are reference materials for the Operating Systems that are supported at Towson University.

Windows 7

Windows 7: Snipping Tool (PDF)
The Snipping tool is used to capture screen shots that you may annotate, save or share. This self-help document will take you through all the features of this Windows 7 addition.

Windows 7: Speech Recognition (PDF)
You no longer have to use your keyboard. You can just tell the computer what to do. You may dictate documents, create an email by speaking the recipient's name, open a software package by saying "double-click software name" and much more.

Windows 7: Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Use this valuable quick reference guide to learn the basic features of Windows 7.

Windows 10

Windows 10: What's New Participant's Guide (PDF)
The guide covers pinning apps to the start menu, the notification pane and action center, cortana, Microsoft Edge, using multiple desktops and much more.

*Please note that you will be required to authenticate using your NetID and password to access this document.

Windows 10: Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

This "cheat sheet" will guide you through how to use the features in Windows 10 including apps, the start menu, keyboard shortcuts, file explorer, the action center and more.

Windows 10: Getting Started
This interactive guide provided by Microsoft will take you through the basics of the Windows 10 operating system. Please note that not all features demonstrated in this guide will be available on the Towson University image.


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