Presidential Scholar

Dr. Nancy Grasmick, former superintendent of Maryland State Public Schools, is Towson University’s first Presidential Scholar.

An alumna of Towson University, Dr. Grasmick is tasked with collaborating with the seven colleges across campus as well as external partners, to bring innovative education and leadership programs to campus. With a focus on the neuroscience of learning, preparing women for leadership roles, personalized education practices, and new models for more effective schools, she is committed to preparing educators and their students for success. Thanks to her steadfast efforts, Towson University has already implemented a number of pioneering programs that put the university and its students in positions to lead the nation.

Support Innovative Programs at TU

Dr. Grasmick works to fund, design, pilot, and assess innovative initiatives in education and leadership to improve opportunities for students, faculty and the greater community. Funding innovative programs requires investment from numerous sources. Your philanthropic support ensures Towson University best prepares students for the difficult, yet immensely vital, role of educating future generations of children and preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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