USM Board of Regents Staff Awards

The University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Staff Awards represents the highest honor bestowed by the Board of Regents for achievements of exempt and non-exempt staff employees from institutions within the University System of Maryland.

Congratulations to TU's Recipients

TU’s Felicity Knox and Jackie Gabrielian are among the seven people honored by the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents as recipients of the 2022 USM Regents’ Staff Awards—the highest honor bestowed upon staff across the system.

These awards are based on the quality and impact of the staff member's work within their institution, community or surrounding environment, beyond the scope of their full-time professional responsibilities. 

Along with recognition, final award recipients receive a $2000 stipend from the USM Board of Regents and all Towson University finalists are honored by President Schatzel with a $1000 stipend.

Award Criteria

Any staff member in Regular or Contingent II status that has been employed at TU for at least five consecutive years can be nominated. The nominee’s success should be beyond the scope of their full-time professional responsibilities. These awards are based on the quality of the nominee’s work within their institution, community or surrounding environment, and are measured by the impact the nominee makes within one of the five award categories listed below.

Award Categories

There are two awards given in each of the categories - one for an exempt staff employee and one for a non-exempt staff employee. The effectiveness/efficiency category can be given to two exempt or two non-exempt or one exempt and one non-exempt staff employees.

1. Exceptional contribution to the institution and/or unit

  • A creative and implemented approach to process improvements
  • Original idea that contributed to the success of the unit/institution
  • A Staff employee who is in a non-leadership position that provided leadership, team building and/or facilitated a team or project that enhanced the organization
  • A Staff employee in a leadership position that consistently grows their organization by mentoring and growing each of their subordinates

2. Outstanding service to students in an academic or residential environment

  • Consistently makes a difference and impact in student lives
  • Contributed to an innovative, original idea that implemented and transformed an aspect of the “student experience”

3. Extraordinary public service to the university or the greater community

  • A personal dedication to a project or cause that definitively improved the greater community
  • Throughout his/her career has, in a collaborative and sustained manner, made a difference in the larger community
  • Sustained record of service over a period of years carried out through the individual’s role(s) in the University rather than as a private citizen

4. Effectiveness and efficiency regarding an academic or administrative transformation with a savings of $10,000 or more

  • Exemplary ideas that, when implemented, will serve to further the USM’s goal to continually increase the effective and efficient use of its resources. One award from the listed categories may be made for an exemplary initiative that has the potential to be implemented system-wide.

5. Inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice

  • Ability to build, nurture, and advance inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice practices within their community. Their community may comprise their internal institutional community, their external institutional community, or a combination of the two. 

Submit a Nomination

Nominations are accepted in the fall of each year. Details will be available here when nominations are open. Plan ahead to nominate a great TU employee! Each nomination will require a strong nomination letter of no more than two pages, along with one supporting recommendation letter of no more than one page.

Completed nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by the TU Staff Senate Awards subcommittee, and those selected for full packet submission will be assigned a mentor. Upon completion of all materials, full packets are reviewed, and the strongest finalists are awarded a stipend and acknowledgment from President Schatzel. TU finalist packets are then sent forward to the Council of University System Staff Awards subcommittee for consideration. Recipients are awarded an additional stipend and acknowledged by USM Board of Regents.

2022 TU Recipients

Two honorees from TU have been selected as recipients: Library Associate Felicity Knox and Academic Advisor Coordinator Jackie Gabrielian. They are part of a group on seven staff honored by the USM Board of Regents as 2022 award recipients. Read more about their contributions.

Past TU Recipients and Nominees

  • Barb Neal (2011)
  • Louise Miller (2012)
  • Steve Kolb (2013) - Recipient
  • Marcie Weinstein (2014)
  • Marcie Weinstein (2015)
  • George Kram III (2017)
  • George Kram III (2018)
  • Julie Leary (2021) - Recipient
  • Jackie Gabrielian (2022) - Recipient
  • Laurie Jones (2004)
  • Deborah Leather (2004)
  • Warren Riefner (2004)
  • Angela Rehrmann (2004)
  • Cyndi Zimmerman (2004) - Recipient
  • Patricia Atkinson (2006)
  • Francine Musotto (2006)
  • Jeffrey Klupt (2007)
  • Susan Turnbaugh (2007)
  • Samuel Hannigan (2009)
  • Marilyn Dannefelser (2009)
  • Louise Miller (2010)
  • Gail Price (2010)
  • Donna Guillot (2011)
  • Barbara Hufnagel (2011)
  • Anne Dahne (2012)
  • Jeffrey Klupt (2012)
  • Susan Weininger (2013) - Recipient
  • Felicity Knox (2013)
  • Susan Willemin (2014)
  • Rick Walsh (2015)
  • Jackie Gratz (2016)
  • Karen Fulton (2016)
  • John McKusiak (2017)
  • Teresa Hardin (2018)
  • Teresa Hardin (2019)
  • Debra Phillips (2020) - Recipient
  • Kelly Ward (2021)
  • Bobby Zengel (2021)
  • Felicity Knox (2022) - Recipient
  • Susanna Craine (2004)
  • Nance Reed (2004)
  • Gail Price (2006)
  • James Spivack (2006)
  • Randy Peaker (2009)
  • James Spivack (2009)
  • Karen Fulton (2010)
  • Bernie Gerst (2010)
  • Bernie Gerst (2011)
  • Gail Price (2012) - Recipient
  • Heather Sorensen (2012)
  • Susan Willemin (2013)
  • Bobbie Laur (2014)
  • Jayne French (2014) - Recipient
  • Bobbie Laur (2015)
  • Randy Peaker (2015)
  • Greg Primrose (2016)
  • Katie Simmons-Barth (2016) - Recipient
  • Greg Primrose (2017)
  • Jackie Durbin (2018)
  • Antwaine Smith (2019)
  • Antwaine Smith (2020) - Recipient
  • Patricial Watson (2021) - Recipient
  • Susan Willemin (2018) - Recipient
  • Jayne French (2019) - Recipient
  • Jennifer Stano (2021)
  • Jennifer Stano (2022)
  • Barbara Neal (2006)
  • Mary Leeper (2009) - Recipient
  • Raft Woodus (2009) - Recipient
  • Stephanie Fowler (2010)
  • Patricia Frawley (2011)
  • Mary Mauldin (2012)
  • Tracy Miller (2012) - Recipient
  • Pat Szymezak (2013)
  • Jeffrey Klupt (2013) - Recipient
  • Lisa Simmons-Barth (2014)
  • Jeannie Mauldin (2016)
  • Kanji Takeno (2017)
  • Marjorie Tversky (2019)
  • Liz Shearer (2021)
  • Liz Shearer (2022)