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Academic Advisor Information

Please check your Student Center today! If you see "Advisor Not Specified," please contact the department of your major and request an advisor. 

The mission of the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (ACAD) is to ensure that informed, effective, and easily accessible academic advising, which addresses individual needs and interests, is available to every undergraduate student at Towson University.

If you are a freshman, you will participate in the First Year Experience (FYE), a year-long program to orient you to the university and its resources, enhancing your educational experience. Your adviser will be a professional adviser, professional Student Affairs staff member, or a faculty member who has completed the Faculty Institute in Advising. That FYE adviser will be assigned to you for the year.

If you are not a freshman, you will participate in the Academic Advising Program, and your adviser will be a professional adviser (open majors also known as deciding majors) or a faculty adviser in your major field.

Preparing for Your Advising Session (VIDEO) will give you a sense of what it is like to prepare for a meeting with your advisor. 

Academic Advising Resources

  • Core Curriculum Course List  - An up-to-date listing of the Core Curriculum courses offered at Towson.
  • Towson Seminar Course List  -  The Towson Seminar courses available for the upcoming semester.
  • The Thriving Tiger - A collaborative blog that provides ideas and support to enable the success and achievement of the students of Towson by the Academic Achievement Center, the Career Center, The Counseling Center, Cook Library and the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center.
  • Artsys - The Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities (Artysys) will provide you with the course equivalencies between Maryland community colleges and Towson University.
  • Transfer Evaluation System - An interactive tool that will allow you to compare course descriptions and view classes to help you understand how courses will transfer to Towson University.
  • Transfer Petition Form- Prior to enrolling in any coursework at another university while you are a student at Towson, you must first fill out the Transfer Petition Form.
  • GPA Calculator - The GPA calculator allows you to determine how your current term will affect your overall GPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average - CGPA).