Information for Degree Candidates

There are many things degree candidates need to know to prepare for the ceremonies. Review below for the five steps degree candidates must follow and frequently asked questions.

happy graduate
A graduate exudes the joy of this special day at Towson University.

Commencement events are the congratulatory ceremonies hosted by university officials in which degree candidates (students who have applied to graduate at the end of their final semester) are publicly and formally recognized for their accomplishments as members of an academic community.

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree after successfully completing credit hours and other degree requirements. Actual diplomas are not awarded at Commencement ceremonies and participation in the ceremonies is not a guarantee of degree completion. 

Electronic correspondence regarding graduation and Commencement is sent only to degree candidate TU email accounts. Degree candidates are responsible for information sent to them via their TU email.

CHECKLIST FOR degree candidates

1. Apply for Graduation

You must complete all of your degree requirements in order to apply for graduation and participate in CommencementYou must submit an official Graduation Application through the “Student Dashboard.” The deadline and instructions for applying can be found on Applying to Graduate.  If you have questions about your graduation status please contact the Graduation Office at 410-704-2095 or .

Only degree candidates who have registered for Commencement are permitted to obtain a cap and gown.   

Special Note: The deadline for doctoral students to rent regalia will be announced. If you plan to purchase a custom doctoral gown and tam, the deadline to place your order will be announced. Your hood will provided to you by the Office of Graduate Studies. 


2. Register for Commencement 

Attending your academic college's Commencement ceremony is an optional activity. If you choose to participate in your ceremony, you must register your attendance online to ensure your seat and the availability of guest tickets.  The registration site will open approximately 10 weeks before the ceremonies and eligible candidates will receive an email with registration instructions. As a reminder, only degree candidates who have been approved for graduation by the Graduation Office are permitted to register for Commencement.  If you have questions about registration to participate in a Commencement Ceremony contact the Office of the Provost at 410-704-4498 or .


3. Purchase Regalia

Contact the Ustore to purchase your regalia. Failure to purchase regalia (or to seek approval from the University Store to use regalia borrowed from a prior semester's graduate) will lead to cancellation of your commencement registration and you will be ineligible to participate in a ceremony and receive ceremony tickets. See Ceremony Attire for additional information. 

Special Note: The deadline for doctoral students to rent regalia will be announced. If you plan to purchase a custom doctoral gown and tam, the deadline to place your order will be announced. Your hood will provided to you by the Office of Graduate Studies.  

4. Access Tickets

Only degree candidates who have registered for Commencement and purchased a cap and gown by the deadline will be able to access and print ceremony tickets.  Every student who registers for Commencement and purchases a cap and gown is guaranteed a predetermined amount of tickets for guests.  Dates and instructions for accessing tickets can be found on Tickets.


Note: Please remember to print and give your guests their tickets in advance of the ceremonies. As a reminder, all guests (including infants and children as required by the Fire Marshal) will need a ticket to attend, so please plan accordingly. 

5. Prepare for Ceremony Day

  • Graduates can arrive up to 2 hours before their respective ceremonies. 
  • Graduates should line up in Lot 6 outside of Johnny Unitas Stadium.
  • Please come fully dressed in your cap and gown. You will pick up your Marching Order card in the robing tent. 
  • All attendees are Required to wear masks. 

Commencement FAQs

If you are a candidate with a disability who will require accommodation at the ceremony, please specify this when completing your commencement registration form. Additionally please communicate the specifics of your request to .

No. Candidates who complete double majors may select one preferred ceremony to participate in Commencement. To provide space for all degree candidates who are eligible to attend a Commencement ceremony, undergraduate candidates completing double majors are not permitted to participate in two ceremonies.

The deadlines to apply for graduation are well-publicized by the Graduation Office.  While graduation applications are processed after the deadline, only those degree candidates who apply prior to the stated deadline(s) are guaranteed to have their names published in the Commencement program due to the lengthy proofing and printing processes.

The university will mail a parking permit to each degree candidate approximately 3 weeks before the ceremony. It is the degree candidate's responsibility to ensure that the mailing address provided when registering for Commencement is accurate as this address will be used to mail the parking pass.

Diplomas will be mailed to your permanent address on file. Please be sure to go to your Student Dashboard to ensure that the permanent address on file is accurate. You may check with the Graduation Office for information about the diploma mailing schedules.

Please be advised that fraudulent activity or misrepresentation of information or eligibility to participate in commencement may result in disciplinary action through the TU Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education