Degree candidates who register for Commencement and purchase regalia by the deadline are guaranteed a total of six tickets for their college's ceremony. Quantity of tickets per degree candidate is based upon the space available in Johnny Unitas Stadium and total number of graduates per ceremony. 

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Who Needs a Ticket?

It is the responsibility of each candidate to plan accordingly when inviting guests to attend a Commencement ceremony. The Fire Marshal requires that any guest entering the arena, including infants and children, will need a ticket. There are no exceptions to this policy. Anyone who attempts to attend the ceremonies without a ticket will be denied entrance to the Johnny Unitas Stadium.  

How and When Do I Get Tickets? 

  • Candidates for graduation who registered to participate in Commencement and purchased regalia by the specified deadlines are eligible to receive six tickets to their designated ceremony.

e-Ticketing Account Log-In Instructions

  • Enter your Towson University student email address into the Login field.
  • Enter your 7 digit TU ID number in the Password field.
  • Once you enter your account, we strongly encourage you to change your password (see changing Password Instructions).
  • Click “Manage My Tickets” and select an action “Print-At-Home.”

Please note: With the large volume of people using the system at one time, it is possible that it may temporarily freeze up. If this happens, please wait 15 minutes and try again. 

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Want to Know More?

  • Only six tickets are guaranteed to each degree candidate. (This is based upon the space available in Johnny Unitas Stadium and the total number of graduates per ceremony.) We are excited that we are able to increase the number of tickets from 4 to 6 for Spring 2020 graduates. By guaranteeing six tickets to each graduate, the university is distributing all available tickets. This means the university will not have any additional tickets to distribute.

  • Because the university understands that a degree candidate may have more than six people who wish to attend the ceremony, a free live stream will also be available for each ceremony.

    Please feel free to contact with additional questions or concerns.  

Commencement Live Stream

A live stream of each ceremony will be added to the Commencement page one hour prior to the start of each ceremony to accommodate those family members/friends who are unable to attend. Additionally, all ceremonies will be recorded and available to view/download for free approximately 1-2 weeks after the ceremonies. 

  • Due to space constraints, there is not an overflow location on campus where the ceremony will be live streamed.

Ticket Policies 

The sale of unused commencement tickets and any fraudulent activity related to tickets is strictly prohibited. Commencement tickets are allocated to each candidate, based on occupancy rates, and additional tickets (when available) will be automatically added to each candidate's ticket account. 

Anyone found to be selling or purchasing unused commencement tickets could face academic discipline including the loss of the privilege to participate in their commencement ceremony. The tickets are university property, therefore each ticket is a “revocable license” which the university can withdrawal at any time at its sole discretion.