Information for Volunteers

Share the joy of our graduates. Help make it a day to remember.

Commencement is one of the happiest days of the year on our campus and is at the core of what we do as a university community. 

Volunteers play a crucial role in the overall success of Commencement exercises. Staff, faculty (not participating in the procession or stage party), and alumni have the opportunity to lend their skills and talents to achieve a smooth and spectacular event while delivering the best possible guest experience.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for Commencement is one of the most rewarding employee or alumni experiences at Towson University. As all members of the university play a role in the success of TU students, there are many benefits to volunteering on our students' special day:

  • meeting new people, seeing old friends, and networking with others
  • building relationships across the university community
  • sharing your TU pride with guests, degree candidates and families
  • having the opportunity to publicly demonstrate your commitment to the university's missions and values
  • joining other volunteers and Commencement staff at a special volunteer appreciation celebration 

You are invited to join TU’s rich history of service to the graduating class, their families and guests by volunteering to serve at Commencement.

Volunteer Today

What Roles Exist?

Volunteers engage directly with visiting guests by providing directions, guidance and a celebratory atmosphere throughout campus. Each volunteer role is vital to ensuring a positive experience for many families who are visiting Towson University for the first time during this celebration.  Volunteer assignment descriptions are provided below and are claimed on a first-come first-served basis when signing up.

Concourse Guest Assistance

Volunteers are needed for each ceremony to assist guests along the concourse offering directions and controlling the crowd flow. 


Volunteers are needed at each ceremony to greet guests and distribute programs at the SECU Arena indoor entrances,

Guest Relations Assistant

Volunteers are needed to direct guests and graduates regarding how and where to enter. Guest Relations Assistants will be outdoors at the Towson Center shuttle stop, the Towson Center/SECU courtyard, and along the SECU walkway.

Mobility Transport

Volunteer Role Description: Volunteers are needed to transfer guests needing mobility assistance from Towson Center to SECU Arena using wheelchairs. This assignment will take place indoors and runs through the entire ceremony.

Parking Assistant

Assist with directing parkers to assigned areas, to event shuttles and lot counts. Note: this role will be outdoors.

Recessional Assistants

Recessional Assistants will guide graduates along the proper routes while exiting from the arena at the end of the

Robing/Processional Assistants

Robing and Processional Assistants will assist students with robing, lining them up numerically for the processional, and monitoring the processional route. Robing and Processional Assistants will also be asked to report student behavioral concerns to the appropriate staff and will assist candidates in safe travel from Towson Center to SECU Arena and keeping candidates with staying in designated lines.

Shuttle Assistant

Assist passengers load and unload from shuttles safely. Note: this role will be outdoors.


Volunteers are needed at each ceremony to assist guests with seating in the lower sections. Volunteers will help find open seating and field general inquiries. Volunteers may be asked to assist guests with mobility impairments in the accessible seating area, to assist with both steps and seating, and should be comfortable with physically assisting a guest and supporting additional weight and with going up and down stairs in the lower bowl of SECU Arena to ask guests to fill in open seats.

Please email for additional information about becoming an employee or alumni volunteer.