Application Fee Waiver

Towson University accepts the following graduate application fee waivers.  Please select the appropriate fee waiver option that you qualify for on the payment page of the application.

  • Towson Student Waiver
    An applicant to a graduate program must request this waiver based on the fact that they graduated from TU with a bachelor's or master's degree, are currently enrolled in a TU graduate program, or are currently enrolled as a TU senior. The degree is verified by admissions staff and the waiver granted. The waiver is always granted for eligible students.
  • Graduate Open House Attendee Waiver 

    This application fee waiver is only for those that have attended a Graduate Studies Open House at TU and can only be used for an application submitted after the open house. The application must be submitted within one year of the open house attended in order to qualify for this fee waiver.

  • Recent Applicant Waiver
    If you have already paid a TU graduate application fee within the past academic year, you are eligible for a waiver of this fee. Your request for a waiver will be checked against our records and automatically granted if applicable.
  • U.S. Military Service Waiver
    Applicant must request a waiver based on active duty status with current orders or with an honorable discharge from U.S. military duty and a copy of their DD214 to verify. These forms can be faxed or mailed to Towson University.
  • McNair Scholars
    This is a graduate TRIO program under the U.S. Department of Education. McNair Scholars complete an application fee waiver form which is offered on-line by the program. The applicant must submits this form to University Admissions to complete the waiver documentation. For all requests to waive the $45 application fee, the student must indicate their eligibility for the waiver by clicking on the appropriate checkbox at the time of application. All documented waiver requests are granted. If an applicant does not provide documentation, the Towson application is held but will not be processed for review. Upon receipt of either the documentation or the application fee payment, the application process will begin and the application process moves toward the evaluation stage.

A request to waive the application fee will remain open until the deadline for application submission. Students not eligible for the requested waiver will need to submit payment before University Admissions can complete the processing of the application. If documentation has not been received by the application deadline, University Admissions may close the application. Fee waivers cannot be used to obtain a refund after an admission decision has been made. 

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