GSA Awards

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) provides fiscal support for graduate students to conduct scholarly projects and attend professional meetings.

Student art presentation

Since 1997, the Graduate Student Association has allotted a portion of the GSA budget to help fund students’ research and professional development. This includes, but is not limited to, presentations of a research paper or project at a conference, attendance at a conference and/or scholarly event, or purchase of supplies for graduate projects, research, thesis or dissertation.

Graduate students who are currently enrolled in degree seeking programs, taking courses, and are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for and receive an award. Students may not use the award for projects, conferences, events or materials that occur after they have graduated from their program. In an academic year, a student can only receive one travel award and one research award.

Types of Available Awards:

Research Award Instructions (PDF) 

For the purchase of supplies for research or other original scholarly work related to a graduate program, project, thesis, or dissertation. Please note that any equipment purchased with a research award becomes property of the university after completion of research. In addition, cash cannot be used as payment for research/survey subjects. Only gift cards are permitted and must be documented on your voucher as well as an incentive acknowledgement form. Students can receive one research award per academic year, up to $600 maximum.


For presenting or attending at a scholarly event (e.g., a conference, seminar, lecture, exhibition or performance) related to research or other original work for a graduate program, project, thesis, or dissertation. This award funds transportation fare (air, taxi, train, and bus), lodging, mileage, meals, registration, parking and tolls. Students can receive one travel award per academic year to either present at a scholarly event ($600 maximum) or to attend a scholarly event ($300 maximum).

The Business Travel Office may be able to help with an advancement of funds for meals, hotels, and airline tickets. Please contact or call (410) 704 – 5421 to make an appointment.

Application for a GSA Award does not guarantee receipt of an award. Awards are granted based on the stated purpose for the request, and availability of funds. Notification of receiving an award is required prior to using the requested money to purchase supplies. Award amounts are based on available funding and are on a case-by-case basis.