Student Groups

If you would like to create a new student group or have a group that would like to become GSA-affliliated, we can help!

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Already have a student organization and want to become GSA-affiliated?

Send an e-mail to the , (Graduate Student Association) and , with an excel sheet with the names, e-mail addresses and TU ID numbers for your club’s members, a completed Student Organization Constitution, and a completed GSA Supplemental Request Form. Please note the “Fund Management” section in the Funding Policy established by the GSA.

After funding has been approved, meet with  accounting associate, to set up an account for the group. Then meet with the GSA to discuss the budget and how the funds will be used by the group for the upcoming year.

Interested in forming a new graduate student group through GSA?

The Graduate Student Association defines a graduate student group as one in which all of the members are Towson University students, the majority who are graduate students or graduate program affiliated. Please read the Funding Policy for Graduate Student Organization (PDF) before proceeding.


Follow these five easy steps to create a new graduate student organization.

Step 1:

Find at least five Towson students who would like to be a part of this organization

Find a full-time faculty/staff member who will agree to advise your organization

Create your Student Group Constitution (PDF) modeled after the template attached.

Complete a Graduate Student Association Supplemental Request Form (PDF).

Have your faculty/staff adviser e-mail  from his/her TU e-mail account with a simple message stating that he/she agrees to serve as the adviser for your organization.

Step 2:

Send an e-mail to , , and with an excel sheet of the names, e-mail addresses and TU ID #’s for your club’s founding members.
a completed student organization’s constitution
a completed Graduate Student Association Supplemental Request Form

Step 3:

Set up another meeting with the to register your organization on Involved@TU . Prior to the meeting, send a picture to use for your group’s profile page.
During the meeting discuss your organization’s constitution and additional questions you have about your new student group

Step 4:

Set up a meeting with , to establish an account for the group

Step 5:

Set up a meeting with executive board to discuss the budget and how the funds will be used by the group for the upcoming year


Additional Student Group Resources

The Student Government Association (Undergrad) offers additional student group resources.