Faculty & Advisers

Faculty, staff, and academic advisers play an integral role in the study abroad experience. The Study Abroad Office aims to provide faculty and academic advisers with useful resources and information to aid them in working with the TU student population.

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Studying abroad allowed me to experience my course of study in a profoundly experiential way. By going abroad I was able to see my field of study in a completely different cultural context. By participating in TU's faculty-led programs I have gained a unique perspective that will make me more competitive in today's job market. ”

Bradford Drewniak, Psychology major - Argentina

Faculty Committee on Study Abroad

The Faculty Committee on Study Abroad serves as an oversight and advisory body for the Study Abroad Office. Functions of the Committee include:

  • Work with the staff of the Study Abroad Office to develop and implement academic policies and procedures related to study abroad
  • Review student petitions to participate in non-TU affiliated study abroad programs
  • Evaluate proposals by TU faculty for faculty-led study abroad programs
  • Identify ways to implement the goals and action items pertaining to study abroad outlined in the TU International Strategic Plan and Generation Study Abroad initiative
  • Review Study Abroad scholarship applications (TU scholarships, Boren Scholarships, etc.)

The Director for Study Abroad, the Director of the International Studies Program (or their designee), and a representative from the Foreign languages Department are standing members of the Committee. Other members of the Committee represent all seven undergraduate colleges of Towson University.  The Committee is facilitated by one staff co-chair (Director for Study Abroad) and one faculty co-chair. Members normally serve a three-year term, but may extend their tenure in the interest of maintaining balanced college/departmental representation on the Committee.

Meetings of the Committee are normally held twice each semester during the academic year, and can be called as needed.

committee member department
Finn Chistensen Economics
Colleen Ebacher
Foreign Languages
Sarah Haines Biological Sciences
Michelle Manasse Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Alison McCartney Honors College
Jessica Minkove Kinesiology
Steve Mogge Elementary Education
Audra McMullen Mass Communication and Communication Studies
Robert Rook Interdisciplinary Studies (representing International Studies)
Liz Shearer (Co-chair) Study Abroad