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TU Faculty-led Program
(see list below)
- Minimester, summer, or Spring Break
- Student group accompanied by TU faculty member
- Prices vary
- TU tuition remission cannot be applied
TU Exchange - Semester or year
- Attend a partner university abroad or within the National Student Exchange network
- Regular TU tuition and fees
- TU tuition remission can be applied
TU Program - Minimester, summer, semester, or year abroad
- Administered by TU
- Prices vary
- TU tuition remission cannot be applied
Approved Non-TU Program - Minimester, summer, semester, or year abroad
- Administered by organizations or other universities
- Prices vary
- TU tuition remission cannot be applied

If you can't find an approved program that fits your academic or financial requirements, you can petition for approval to participate in an alternate program. Contact the TU Study Abroad Office for more information. 

Minimester 2022 TU Faculty-led Programs

Black man in the UK

Blacks in Great Britain: From Liverpool to  London, UK

Study Black life and culture in the United Kingdom. Learn about what it means to be Black in the UK, trace the history of slavery in Great Britain, and gain an understanding of the little known history of the Back Romans. Explore key sites of Black life throughout the country. This program is based in Birmingham, one of the largest and most diverse cities in England.  

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Students crossing the street in the UK

Corporate Communication in the UK

Study in London in Minimester 2022. This course provides an analysis of corporate communication strategies in the UK used in developing internal and external communication plans. The program features guest lectures by experts in public relations, marketing, organizational communication, advertising, media, and politics and excursions to related enterprises and facilities. 

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Bridge of the Americas

Global Business Logistics in Panama

Learn about the transfer of goods between the Atlantic and Pacific regions and explore the complex strategic role Panama plays in the global supply chain. Gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of Panama as a key transition point in international trade. Based in cosmopolitan Panama City, the program includes a visit to the Panama Canal and the Colon Free Trade Zone. 

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Kingston landscape

Histories of Resistance in Jamaica

Explore Jamaican literature, music, dance, and art by tracing the counter-cultural histories of Maroons (self-emancipated slaved), pirates, and Rastas. Through guest lectures, readings, performances, and site visits, students will consider how diverse ideas about race, spirituality, and class have shaped the culture and politics of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Highlights included a visit to Kingston's Dub Club, Bob Marley's Trench Town Culture Yard, and the Port Antonio seaside. Meet with Maroons in their communities, hike the Blue Mountains, tour the pirate city of Port Royal, view the street art of Fleet Street, and attend a Rasta session.

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Ferris wheel in Edinburgh

Identity, Expression, and Social Action in Scotland

Explore the intersection of culture and identity among diverse yet intertwined populations through the analysis of historic, political, artistic, and personal expression texts. Special emphasis is given to Scotland's path toward Devolution, the Scottish referendum on Independence, and the impact of Brexit on Scottish political thought and national identity.

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Gondola in Venice

Italian Language and Culture in Venice, Italy

Study the history of Venice and immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture. Program highlights include visits to major historical and artistic sites, an excursion to the Isle of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon, and a weekend trip to Florence. No prior knowledge of Italian is required.

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South Africa

South Africa and the US: Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs

Study Abroad in Johannesburg and Cape Town in Minimester 2022. As the US moves past its 50th year of the Civil/Voters Rights Act and South Africa moves past its 20th year of democracy/post-apartheid, this program examines what we can learn from one another. Students will meet with civil rights activists, artists, and cultural intellectuals and work with local children through an arts based program.

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Students and faculty on the equator

Spanish Language and Indigenous Cultures in Ecuador

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and learn about indigenous cultures in Cuenca, Ecuador. This UNESCO World Heritage site in the perfect backdrop for personalized Spanish language instruction.  Program highlights include excursions to the ruins at Ingapirca, the equator, and the incredible Otavalo indigenous market. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required.

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Spring Break 2022 TU Faculty-led Programs

View of the Sagrada Familia

Career Exploration and Professional Development in Spain

Gain an international perspective on career development and the workplace in Barcelona. Develop skills to understand your role in the world of work, explore concepts related to successful career choices, and begin to take action in planning your life. Engage with employers across a variety of industries through site visits, mock interviews, and job shadowing that will aid in career development and challenge you to grow as a professional.

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View of London

Global Sport Leadership in London

Explore the history and culture of sport in London while developing professional skills as a global sport leader. Learn about the goals and purpose of sport at the international, professional, amateur, and community-based levels. Highlights include a tour of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, attendance at local sporting events, a Thames River cruise, and a cricket skills session at Lord's Cricket Ground.

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Summer 2022 TU Faculty-led Programs

Liberty Bridge in Budapest

Culture and Psychology: Hungary & Austria from a Psychological Perspective

Study psychology in Hungary and Austria. This program provides a comparative examination of the values, ideas, and practical applications of psychology in the United States, Austria, and Hungary. Students will seek to understand human behavior and cognitive processes through the exploration of psychological theories, their application in the real world, and how they are shaped by cultural variation. 

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Back of male student looking at the Sydney Opera House

Health Professions in Australia & New Zealand

Explore cultural diversity, healthcare, and environmental health in Australia and New Zealand. Develop your cultural understanding through immersion and service learning opportunities. Site visits to health care institutions and organization will deepen your appreciation of what it is to be a health professional.

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Female student with braided pigtails stares at Arenal Volcano

Environmental Studies and Conservation in the Tropics

Study in Costa Rica in Summer 2022. Students will apply ecological concepts to environmental education and work side-by-side with local community members to complete environmental action and projects.

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Ruins in Greece

Foundations of Education in Ancient Greece

Learn about teaching while immersing yourself in the culture of Greece - the birthplace of education! Trace the historical development of education and examine how diverse philosophies influence teaching pedagogies. Participants will spend time in Athens and the Greek islands. 

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Group of students posing in ruins

Mediterranean Exchange: Ancient and Modern Greece

Examine the modern fascination with ancient Greek myth, culture, and history. Participate in a hands-on service project with refugee communities in Athens in partnership with National and Kapodistrian University students. Explore Athens, Tolo, Pylos, Delphi, and Parikia.

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Group photo in Iceland

International Perspectives on Sport for Life in Iceland

Iceland provides a world leading model of organizations related to the successful development of athletes for professional and international competition as well as the development of physical activities participation across the lifespan. Gain a thorough understanding of the cultural and scientific aspects of sport and physical activity in this nation from a global perspective through first-hand experience.

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The Vietnam Wars in a Global Context

Learn about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War along with the experiences of other nations during, before, and after the war. Program highlights include visits to the National War Museum, the War Remnants Museum, and the Air Force Museum; excursions to the Cu Chi Tunnels between North and South Vietnam; visit to the renowed Angkor Wat; and an overnight cruise on the Mekong River. 

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Canal in Amsterdam

Social Permissiveness in Amsterdam: Perspectives on Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality

Immerse yourself in a culture which prides itself in social-political constructions like "acceptance" and "tolerance." Explore race, gender, class, and sexuality within a Dutch context as you cruise the canals of Amsterdam. Program highlights include a visit the Anne Frank Huis, the Keukenhof Gardens, the Rijksmuseum, and the Black Archives. 

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View of palm tree and beach in the Dominican Republic

Teach in Puerto Plata

Experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic in Summer 2022! Teach English and work with students who first language is Spanish while engaging in community learning and exploring the country's language and culture. The program provides opportunities to integrate strategies to teach and work with students in educational settings as well as strategies to work in collaboration with families, communities, and other professionals.

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Roman Ruins

The Pursuit of Happiness: A Cultural Comparison of the U.S. and Italy

Humans have been in pursuit of the "good life" for centuries, though what constitutes a life well-lived is dependent upon the cultural context. Investigate the pursuit of human happiness in the U.S. and Italy by comparing and contrasting the ways these different cultures have sought pleasure throughout history, up to and including present day definitions. 

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Scenic view of Norway

Crime and Punishment Cross-Nationally in Norway

Experience the unique history and culture of Oslo. Explore U.S. and Norwegian correctional facilities. Tour Norway's Halden Prison, famous for being on of the most humane prisons in the world.

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Students in the jungle on a boat

Tropical Field Ecology in Peru

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Peru in summer 2022. On this study abroad program, students will conduct ecological research in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest in Peru. Students will also visit Cuzco, explore Machu Picchu, and travel across the Andes mountains.

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