Eye Movement Miscue Analysis Center/Lab

EMMA Equipment

The eye movement miscue analysis or EMMA lab is a place where researchers use eye tracking technology and miscue analysis to study reading.  Researchers use a desktop eye tracker and a mobile eye machine to examine how various participants read a variety of multimodal texts.  The Towson University EMMA Center also collaborates with other EMMA researchers to examine eye movements in reading.

Research Team


Liwanag, M., Pelatti, C., Martens, R., & Martens, P. (2016) Children’s Eye Movements, Miscue   Analysis Patterns and Retellings When Reading Counterpoint Picturebook. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, DOI: 10.1177/2381336916661535.

Liwanag, M., Martens, P., Martens, R., & Pelatti, C. (2017). Supporting Multilingual Learners as Readers: Lessons from Eye Movement Miscue Analysis. English Journal. 106 (3), 79-82

Research Presentations (2016)

The Role of Eye Movement in Reader’s Comprehension of Picturebooks. In Transforming Understandings of the Reading Process through Eye Movement Miscue Analysis (EMMA) Symposium.

  • December 2, 2016: 66th Annual Literacy Research Conference, Nashville, TN.

Analyzing EMMA Literature through Data Visualization.

  • July 18, 2016: Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT) Rejuvenation. New Haven, MO.

Supporting Multilingual Learners as Readers: Lessons from Eye Movement Miscue Analysis.

  • July 14, 2016: EMMA Researchers’ Meeting. St. Louis, MO.

Understanding Picturebooks, Eye Movement, and Comprehension.

  • July 14, 2016: 26th WLU Literacies for All Summer Institute, St. Louis, MO.
  • June 10, 2016: EMMA Conference, Towson University.
  • March 28, 2016: College of Education Research Forum, Towson University.


Past Presentations (2015)

  • December 4, Literacy Research Association (LRA) 65th Annual Conference, Carlsbad, CA
  • November 14, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Annual Convention, Denver, CO
  • August 7, Reading Miscue Analysis Conference-Hofstra University, Long Island, NY
  • July 9, WLU Literacies for All Summer Institute, EMMA Researchers Meeting, Decatur, GA
  • April 27, College of Education Faculty Research Forum. Towson, MD

EMMA Lab Equipment

  • D7- Desktop Eye Tracker
  • Mobile Eye Tracker
  • Paradigm Elements
  • ASL Results Plus

New acquisitions through the SET 2016-2018 Grant funding

  • Over the Glasses frames for Mobile Eye
  • Wide-angle lens-96-degree field of view lens


If you have any questions about the EMMA lab, contact Maria Perpetua Liwanag (COE) at .