Research Impact Award


These $1000 awards are highly competitive. Applicants must meet all of the funding eligibility criteria and submit by the application deadline. The application process starts at the beginning of fall term. Questions concerning the Research Impact Award may be directed to .

Application Elements

  1. plain-language abstract of no more than 200 words that describes the project for those unfamiliar with your research or discipline
  2. concise project impact statement describing how your project benefits the academic or creative field, or serves the broader community
  3. list of specific goals and brief timeline
  4. description of your methods
  5. statement explaining how your research connects to your personal/professional goals
  6. your resume/CV

For items 2 through 5, write no more than 400 words. These are the most important parts of the application. Take time to compose them well with the guidance of your faculty mentor.

Faculty Recommendation

Your faculty mentor must submit a confidential letter of support to  by the published deadline date. You should ensure that your faculty mentor will submit a supporting letter on your behalf. Faculty mentors should note the information about faculty responsibilities if the application is successful. 

Finalist Presentations

A small group of finalists will be notified by committee in late fall. Each finalist will be asked to conduct a short in-person presentation before committee members in late November.

Award Conditions

You must present your poster at the annual Research and Creative Inquiry Forum.

Research Award Examples

For more information and examples, see 2018-2019 Research Awards.

Research Award Recipients