Student Conferences

Towson University offers several friendly venues for students to practice research presentation skills and to showcase the results of their research and creative inquiry projects.

Summer Student Research Conference

The conference will feature presentations by the students who completed a summer research project under the guidance of faculty at Towson University or at another institution. The conference will be in the Science Complex on Thursday September 29, 2022, from 5pm to 7:30pm.

Students interested in presenting should fill out a short registration form by September 15. The attendees are asked to complete the registration form by September 22.

Advice for presenters 

  • Please plan for a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation; there will be a 5-minute Q&A period after your talk.
  • Your slide deck should have around 10 slides (or something between 7 and 15 slides). Too many slides would result in you clicking through them really fast – and not much will stick with the audience; too few slides would mean that you’ll have to remember a lot of what you need to say.
  • Think of text on the slide as bullet points or “headlines”, rather than comprehensive paragraph text. The font should be big enough to be readable by the audience.
  • There are PowerPoint templates already “branded” with Towson University logo and colors. You can find them under “Templates” on the Design Tools page.

Room information will be sent to registered participants. Please direct questions about the program to .