Celebration of Scholarship & Learning

Student demonstrating research in front of poster

The Celebration of Scholarship and Learning represents an opportunity for the entire Towson University community to recognize the accomplishments of Honors College students. It is also a great way for students to build their resume and learn from the accomplishments of their peers.

The Celebration of Scholarship and Learning is held twice a year: once in the fall during TU Family Weekend (typically in late September or early October*) and again in early March in conjunction with the Towson University-Baltimore County Public School Model United Nations Conference. Honors students who present posters at these events have recently completed or are in the process of completing an experiential learning experience for Honors credit, such as conducting research, studying abroad, undertaking a service-learning course, or completing an internship.

*The fall 2020 Celebration of Scholarship and Learning will be held in a virtual format on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 6pm. It is recommended that students prepare a slide-based presentation such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi. Students who are required to present this term, such as those who have been directed to by the Honors Faculty Director or those who have completed their experience in the spring or summer of 2020, should register here.

Students should only register experiences that have been approved by the Honors Faculty Director. Registering for the CSL does not guarantee that experiences will satisfy Honors requirements. Visit the Honors experiential and advanced learning site for more information on how to start the approval process.

Honors students may also submit proposals for poster presentations on any topic and in any field. Topics for posters may include but are not limited to:

  • Capstone projects
  • Honors theses
  • Research experiences
  • Honors seminars
  • Internship experiences
  • Service-learning projects
  • Study abroad experiences

Posters are reviewed by faculty and staff judges and awards will be given for different categories of presentations. The award-winning poster presenters are encouraged to present at regional and national Honors conferences, professional conferences in their field, and Towson University events such as the Student Research & Creative Inquiry Forum and TU4U.

Spring 2020 CSL Award Winners

student poster title category place
Rebecca Goldman Positive Behavior Intervention Plan: John Internships T-1st
Carli Herman Childhood Apraxia Internships T-1st
Melinda Cutler Musical Enrichment for Corvus corvax Internships T-2nd
Stella Hendricks Reframing What It Means to Be an Outsider: Art from the Rural South Internships T-2nd
Maegan Jennings Modeling the Effect of Intergalactic Dust on the Extragalactic Background Light Research 1st
Lauren Miles Determining Small Protein Interaction in E. coli Research 2nd
Rachel Triebwasser Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Yinger Collection of Human Remains from the Hughes Site (18 MOI): A Natural History Society of Maryland Curated Collection Research 3rd
Charlotte Brown Civic Engagement and UN Women Service-Learning 1st
Madeleine Meyer What's on  Your Plate? Drawing the Connection between the World Food Program and Rates of Malnutrition in Baltimore Service-Learning 2nd
Dymond Hamlin and Leah McLean Controversies in Criminal Justice: The Challenges of Reentry Service-Learning 3rd
Morgan Waters My UK Experience: A Photo Essay Study Abroad 1st
Samantha Miller Not Good. Not Bad. Just Different: A Look into the Netherlands' Special Education System Study Abroad 2nd
Skylar Gayhart Taking on Crime and Punishment in the UK Study Abroad 3rd
Marlie Johnson Inside the Stigma: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide in Law Enforcement Officers Audience Choice  
Lewis Laury, Jr. The Global Drug Market's Impact on Baltimore City Audience Choice  

Recognition in prior academic terms

Fall 2019
student poster title category place
Lewis Laury, Jr. The Financial Implications of Death with Dignity Legislation Internship/Service-Learning 1st
Hannah Shevitz Health Science Dual Concentration Major Internship/Service-Learning 2nd
Stella Hendricks Narrative and Power: Women’s Representation in Museums Internship/Service-Learning T-3rd
Brianna Stang Camden County Police Department Internship/Service-Learning T-3rd
Katherine Cowan Twist It Up! How Does Game-Based Learning Affect the Language Development of English Language Learners? Research 1st
Claire Hageman The World Health Organization: Far Afield and Close to Home Research T-2nd
Connor Kean Investigating the Genetic Basis of Resistance to Ranavirus Infection in Eastern Box Turtlers Research T-2nd
Michaella Mulhern Masters of Arts: A Study in Art History in Firenze Study Abroad 1st
Abigail Piegols Costa Rica: Conservation Through Ecotourism Study Abroad 2nd
Chloe Williams My Life in Leeds Study Abroad 3rd
Nicholas Ruszala Super Atom Clusters of Au: Synthesis and Optical Characterization Research Audience Choice
Spring 2019
student poster title category place
Chenise Calhoun TU Gender, Health, and Social Justice in Ghana Study Abroad 1st
Martine Parode An Exploration of Rural Japan Study Abroad 2nd
Kari de La Viez Israeli Multiculturalism Study Abroad 3rd
Yelee Kim Prewriting Strategies to Increase Authenticity in Writing Internship/Service-Learning T-1st
Gabriella Harris Differentiation in Middle and High School Classes Internship/Service-Learning T-1st
Arianna Maine and Toni Pritchard Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom Internship/Service-Learning T-2nd
Erika McKay Impact of Preterm Birth on Language Acquisition: The Critical Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist Internship/Service-Learning T-2nd
Kristian Brown Data Analysis for the Towson University Men's Basketball Team Research 1st
Ash Baker The History and Importance of LGBT Representation on Television Research 2nd
Joseph Auble The Effect of Exercise Intervention on Executive Functioning in People with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Research 3rd
Ramandeep Kaur Mercy Medical Internship Internship/Service-Learning Audience Choice
Matthew Phillips The International Development Association Internship/Service-Learning Audience Choice


Fall 2018
Student poster title category place
Rachel Ederer Bringing It All Together Study Abroad T-1st
Jillian Procope London Living - My Internship Abroad Study Abroad T-1st
Kelly Myslinski Czech Mate: A Semester in Prague Study Abroad T-2nd
Claudia McGuire Australia to New Zealand Study Abroad T-2nd
Ny'esha Young Race and Inequality in America Internship/Service-Learning 1st
Gabriella Harris The Evolution of Teaching AP Calculus Internship/Service-Learning 2nd
Katherine Linz Let's Talk about Lymphedema Internship/Service-Learning 3rd
Jason Wong FMS, LSS, and SL Squat Research 1st
Nicole Hondrogiannis Hexanethiolate Protected Super Atom Clusters of Gold - A Kinetic Study Research 2nd
Amanda Belunis Nicotine and Other Organic Components Found in Dokha: A Middle Eastern Tobacco product Research 3rd
Alexus Addison Film, Animation, and Visual Effects in New Zealand Study Abroad Audience Choice
Sarah Dickerson Animal Care Internship at Carolina Tiger Rescue Internship Audience Choice


Poster Presentation Resources

Preparing a poster for the Celebration of Scholarship and Learning or any research or poster conference consists of several steps. The following resources outline how to organize information, prepare a visually-appealing poster, and how to discuss your findings in a conference or event setting.

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