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For Admitted Students

Upcoming Honors Admitted Student Events

Join the Honors College and your fellow classmates for a full slate of admitted student programs this spring. Check out all the opportunities at our Admitted Student page.

Honorables of Color Scholarship Application Now Open

This scholarship is open to students accepted and enrolled in Towson University’s Honors College who supports marginalized communities. All applicants are required to meet the following Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

  • Full-time undergraduate students;
  • Incoming student accepted and enrolled in the Honors College;
  • Outstanding record of academic achievement and promise; and
  • Demonstrated financial need as defined by the Financial Aid Office; with
  • Preference given to a student with demonstrated volunteer or extra-curricular activities that support marginalized communities.

The Honorables of Color Scholarship deadline is Thursday, April 1.

The Towson University Honors College is committed to the intellectual and character development of highly engaged undergraduate students. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary study, research and co-curricular experiences, we seek to cultivate inquisitive minds and foster broad knowledge that strengthens students’ scholarly interests, nurtures their talents, develops their sense of ethical responsibility, and enables them to navigate an increasingly complex globalized world.

Five reasons to choose the Towson University Honors College:

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Enriched Seminar Classes

Seminars are the core of the Honors curriculum, and each one is designed to explore topics from multiple scholarly points of view. Our discussion-based, collaborative classes examine creative topics that you’ll only find here, in small settings of 10 to 20 students.

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Outstanding Faculty

Honors faculty represent a range of disciplines and scholarly outlooks. What they share is a passion for teaching and for advancing student learning. Faculty work with students in the Honors College by choice, and they bring to the program examples of intellectual curiosity and professional accomplishment. Most importantly, they are eager to support students who seek opportunities for growth.

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Perspectives from Multiple Disciplines

Honors courses not only reflect the different disciplines that faculty draw upon in creating the courses but also the different academic perspectives of students within the courses. 97% of Honors seminars contain students from at least four of the six degree-granting colleges at Towson University, offering a rich mix of student ideas seldom found in American higher education.

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Community Engagement

We are a small community of highly motivated individuals within a large university setting. Honors students are athletes, leaders, and dedicated members of their campus, local, and international communities. Douglass House, the Honors residential learning community, is where you can live, work, and learn with other Honors students in pursuit of your passions with the guidance of faculty and staff.


News & Events

Honors Networking Night


7:00 p.m., Online

Are you interested in making more connections with other Honors students? Having trouble building relationships with the move to online classes? The Honors College Leadership Council programming committee has created an event to make new connections within the Honors College. The committee has made a list of engaging topics to discuss so there will never be a dull moment. Don’t miss out on this 'speed-networking" event to make friends and build new relationships!