Honors Housing


Honors College housing is located in the residential community of Douglass House, one of Towson University's residence halls in West Village. The learning community at Douglass House is specifically designed for students who want to integrate residential living with classroom activity and nurture an environment conducive to academic achievement. Honors students who live in Douglass House find it a great place to live, work, socialize, and form lasting friendships.

Douglass House is the required housing location for all incoming first-year students admitted to the Honors College who receive a housing offer and plan to live on-campus for fall. Any incoming transfer students admitted to Honors may request Douglass and will be housed there, based on availability. Students required to live in an on-campus athletic team residence are exempted from this requirement. For students who live off campus, residing in university-managed housing is not a requirement of membership in the Honors College. The Honors community on-campus housing option is offered by the Department of Housing & Residence Life. The Gender Inclusive Housing option is available in Douglass House.

Douglass House is considered premium housing due to its location and amenities, and is priced at the premium housing rate.

“ I love being surrounded by other Honors College students. Living in Douglass is definitely the biggest perk I've noticed so far! It's amazing and the people are great. ”

Allison Frere '18, Biology major

Why live in Honors Housing?

Living in Honors Housing has several advantages including a strong student community:

  • Developing relationships with similarly-motivated and focused students.
  • Classroom space where Honors seminars are taught each semester.
  • A lending library called The Book Exchange is located in Douglass House. The goal of The Book Exchange is to foster community by creating a small shared space for students to access a wide range of reading sources that can be borrowed for an entire length of a semester.
  • A residential staff of student Resident Assistants, Community Center Assistants, and a Community Center Manager who support the mission of the Honors College and mentor students in Honors.
  • Many events hosted by the Honors College take place in the Honors residence hall, including workshops and advising events, special dining events with faculty and staff, and parties and other gatherings.

Need 9 month housing?

Living on campus during breaks

Douglass House closes during all university breaks. Students who require university housing during breaks (such as some student-athletes) cannot live in Douglass House, and must complete a request to Housing & Residence Life for the 9 month housing option in another building. Any Honors students pursuing this option will still remain members of the Honors College.

Honors Move-In

Incoming freshmen and transfer students living in Douglass House are designated for a specific move-in slot during the fall term. Move-in dates are determined by the Department of Housing & Residence Life, and students must follow the instructions and timeline provided by Housing & Residence Life for moving in.