Honors student standing in front of poster describing experiential learning

Honors students may complete internships to earn credit towards their Experiential and Advanced Learning requirements. Honors internships include a research component and a deliberate learning agenda related to your major or career goals. Honors credit is not automatically awarded for internships conducted in a student's major, but with the prior approval of the Honors College, students can take steps to advance an internship in their major to an Honors level.

To earn Honors credit for an internship, you should follow these steps:

  • Identify a faculty advisor to supervise the research component of your internship. This person may be a professor you've had class with, or a professor whose academic expertise is in an area of your interest. The faculty advisor does not have to be within your academic major.
  • Contact to schedule an appointment with the Honors Faculty Director to discuss the research component of your internship experience and the topic that you and your faculty advisor plan to study.
  • Once you decide that you want to earn Experiential and Advanced Learning credit for your internship experience, complete the Experiential and Advanced Learning Approval Form. This form should be completed the semester prior to your planned internship. When you submit the Application for Honors Credit Form, you will also submit a completed and signed internship syllabus and annotated bibliography. The syllabus template and instructions for faculty are available at the Forms, Syllabi & Online Resources page.
  • All internship syllabi must be completed, signed by the student and supervising faculty member, and submitted to the Honors College by September 1 for the fall term, February 1 for the spring term, and June 1 for the summer term. All summer internship enrollment takes place during the 10-week Summer Session I.
  • Once completed, present your work at the bi-annual Celebration of Scholarship and Learning or another approved venue.

You must obtain approval from the Honors College before your internship begins in order to receive credit toward your Honors College requirements.

The Honors College advocates on behalf of its students to cultivate and maintain relationships with employers who have offered internships to Honors students in the past. In addition, the TU Career Center provides access to internships through the Handshake database as well as regular internship fairs throughout the academic year.