Accelerated Undergraduate to Graduate Programs

Ready to jump-start your graduate education? TU’s accelerated bachelor’s to graduate programs let you save time and money while you push your learning to the next level.

Accelerated Bachelor’s to Graduate Programs

If you are a high-achieving student with the discipline and drive to pursue graduate study, an accelerated program might be a good option for you. Accelerated bachelor’s to graduate programs allow you to begin your graduate education as an undergraduate, offering you the opportunity to save time and money while you advance your academic career.

  • Apply six to nine units of graduate-level work towards both your undergraduate and graduate degrees (must earn a grade of C or higher)
    • While only the units for graduate coursework will be applied to the graduate record and will not impact the graduate grade point average (GPA), transferring a course with a grade of C will count toward the graduate policy of a maximum of two courses with C grades to be used toward your eventual graduate degree. 
  • Enjoy individualized career advising from faculty mentors
  • Graduate with two degrees on a shortened timeline, prepared for professional advancement
  • Gain a competitive edge in your industry with advanced skills
  • Quickly immerse yourself in a field of study that you’re passionate about

admission requirements

Is an Accelerated Program Right for You?

Accelerated bachelor's to graduate programs are designed for accomplished students with a track record of excellent academic performance. In order to be eligible for the initial screening process, you must have:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 – 3.25 (GPA requirement is set by each graduate program).
  • A minimum of 60 completed undergraduate units (junior status). Transfer students must have completed at least 12 of the units at TU.
  • Undergraduate requirements that can be fulfilled with graduate coursework - six units are required for entry into a Graduate Certificate program, and nine for a Master's degree program.            

Screening forms must be submitted by the first day of classes for the term in which the student wants to enroll.

In order to apply course units to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, students accepted into an accelerated program must:

  • Begin graduate courses as an undergraduate student
  • Apply to their chosen graduate program during their final semester of undergraduate study (unless a specific program requires a different application timeline)
  • Continue their graduate program in the semester immediately following completion of their undergraduate degree (exceptions may be considered – please reach out to the )

Students who decide not to pursue their graduate degree at TU will receive units for completed coursework at the undergraduate level only. These units cannot be used toward a graduate degree at a later date (except in extraordinary circumstances).

Program Plans

Structured plans make it easy to move from a specific bachelor’s program to a predetermined, closely related graduate program. Structured plans have clearly defined course requirements, offering a well-defined transition between programs. See the complete list of undergraduate programs that offer a structured option and learn how to apply.

Individualized plans give you the freedom to choose. With the help of your adviser and a graduate program director, you’ll design a course sequence that will allow you to transition from your bachelor’s program to a participating graduate program. Learn more and explore the application process.