Getting Started with ADS

We highly encourage students to initiate the process for registering with the ADS Office as early as possible after enrolling at the university. Students can register with ADS at any time during their academic career; however, accommodations are not retroactive. 

How to Register

  • Submit an ADS application.
  • Upload documentation of your disability.
  • Participate in an intake meeting with an ADS Specialist.

What to Expect During an Intake Meeting

  • An ADS Specialist will contact you via your TU email to schedule an intake meeting.
  • During the meeting, we will discuss the following:
    • Impact of your disability
    • History of using accommodations 
    • Requested accommodations
    • Approved accommodations
    • How to use accommodations
  • You will have the opportunity to schedule follow-up meetings with your specialist throughout your time at Towson.