About Us

Our talented employees carry out diverse functions ranging from plumbing to payroll, campus safety to computer support. 

Mission & Values

A&F employees are committed to supporting Towson students, faculty and staff with a focus on service and transparency. Watch this video to learn more about our deep connection to our mission and values.


Our Mission

The Administration & Finance Team advances the university’s mission by providing exceptional customer service and fiscally-responsible stewardship. We work collaboratively to develop and leverage TU's human, financial, technological and physical resources, enabling our students, faculty and staff to work, learn and grow.

Our Values

  • Diversity - We create an environment that encourages, supports, and values differences.
  • Transparency - We take responsibility for keeping students, faculty and staff well-informed.
  • Respect - We treat people equitably, with dignity and respect.
  • Integrity - We are accountable for our conduct.
  • Collaboration - We develop working relationships across all levels of the organization.
  • Service - We keep our customers satisfied by anticipating and meeting--often exceeding--their needs.