Estimated Semester Expenses

Your FTP Bill

All charges for the Freshman Transition Program (excluding incidentals and deposits) are paid to CCBC. Your bill will include tuition, fees, housing and meal plan expenses (if applicable). You will receive an email to your TU address regarding your FTP bill in mid-July. Further updates will be available online via your myCCBC SIMON account. Your bill is due August 1. Your enrollment will be canceled for non-payment if not received in full and if financial aid is not confirmed by the due date.

Estimated Expenses 

Expense Amount charged by

Enrollment Deposit
Nonrefundable, one-time deposit to secure your space in the program.



Housing Deposit (optional)
Only if on-campus housing is requested. Nonrefundable, but applied to student account for the spring term if the student remains in TU housing.
$350 TU
Student Services Fee
This flat fee includes Towson student fees that provide identification cards, access to university recreation facilities, student email accounts, and other student services.
(per term)
Orientation Fee
The Orientation fee is charged to all incoming students on your term bill. The fee covers your orientation, Welcome to TU programs, orientation materials which include a bag, planner, new student guide, lanyard, and t-shirt, and student staffing for all programs. 
$175 CCBC
CCBC Tuition
Tuition cost per billable hour varies by residency: $122 for Baltimore County residents; $241 for other Maryland residents; $372 for non-Maryland residents. Minimum tuition charges are based on a 15-credit schedule. Visit the CCBC Web site for current tuition rates.
$1,830-$5,580 (approximate per term based on 15 credits) CCBC
Towson Housing (optional)*
Housing rates are approximate and based on double occupancy. Contact TU's Department of Housing and Residence Life for additional housing information.

*Based on double-occupancy room and 14-meal-per-week restricted meal plan. Other plans are available.
$4,107 (approximate per term) CCBC
Board/Meal Plan
(required only if living on campus)*
Several meal plans are available for resident and non-resident students. Contact TU's Dining Services for meal plan information.
(14 meals/week plus meal points)
Parking (optional)
Freshman students living on campus are not eligible for parking permits. Commuter students may choose to purchase a term or annual parking permit.
$211 (approximate per term) TU

The fees and expenses listed above are subject to change.

Since the $1950 per term Student Services Fee (“TU Student Services Fee” on your bill) is unique to the FTP Program and not a required charge for our regular, non-FTP college population, VA regulations do not allow for certification of this charge as part of your “tuition and fees” to be paid by VA education benefits. As such, please note that if you are using VA educational benefits to pay your bill, the VA will NOT cover this particular charge.