Freshman FAQs

 Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers to help you with the application process.

Freshman Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Admissions Counselor?
Visit our Admissions Counselor page to connect with your admissions representative. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

I would like to visit your campus. How do I schedule a tour?
We welcome you to visit us for a campus tour or an open house. Schedule your visit today!

What high school courses am I required to complete?
Competitive applicants to TU have taken four years of high school English, four years of Math, three years of a Lab Science, three years of a Social Science, and two years of the same Foreign Language.

Is the essay required? What is the topic?
Yes, we require that students submit the Common Application and accompanying Common App essay — the essay prompts can be found here.

Student applying to TU’s Honors College must also complete an Honors-specific essay — more information and prompts can be found here.

My school year was disrupted due to COVID-19. How will TU evaluate Pass/Fail (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) grades, or a significant change in my academic performance due to transitioning to remote learning?
We take into consideration all your high school coursework when reviewing your application and understand the challenges students faced as they had their learning disrupted by the pandemic. Our review will be guided by your high school’s individual grading policy regarding remote learning and other changes to the curriculum, as outlined on the high school profile submitted to us alongside your official transcript.

We understand that the transition to remote learning was difficult for some students, and encourage student to reach out to their admissions counselor for application advice.

Do you look at the major I select on the application as part of my admission review?
No, we do not consider your intended major when reviewing your application.

How do I know if you have received everything you need for my application? 
Please use our online status checker to verify the status of your application. Have questions? Be sure to reach out to your admissions counselor.

When can I expect to hear from Towson University?
We conduct a holistic review of our applications, and carefully consider students for admission over the course of a thorough review process. Students who apply by the December 1 Early Action deadline can expect to receive a decision by January 15. Students who apply after January 15 will have their applications reviewed on a rolling basis, and can expect to receive their decision four to six weeks after all required admission documents are received. Admission decisions are sent via postal mail, as well as via electronic communication in some circumstances.

I am taking AP or IB classes will I receive college credit for my exam scores?
We award TU credits for students who receive qualifying scores on their AP and IB exams. For a list of exam score requirements and their TU equivalents, please go here for AP credits, and here for IB credits.

Is housing guaranteed?
Under normal circumstances, freshmen students admitted to a fall term are guaranteed on-campus housing for their first two years at TU, so long as they meet required university deadlines and standards. On-campus housing for students admitted to a spring term is considered on a space-available basis. Frequently asked questions regarding Housing and Residence Life can be found here.


How will my application be evaluated?
At Towson University, we use a holistic review process to determine freshman admission. The primary factors in our evaluation are based on high school courses, grades, and supplemental materials submitted with the application. We will evaluate the academic rigor in the context of the high school environment, extracurricular involvement, college application essay, and other information provided on a student’s application.

What GPA is Towson University looking for?
When reviewing your academic credentials, we look at your cumulative weighted GPA, the rigor of your courses, trends in your grade performance, and your high school’s profile — all of these factors go into a holistic academic review. Most of our admitted students have a good mix of grades in a challenging college prep curriculum, and for fall 2021 our average admitted student had a 3.7 cumulative weighted GPA.

Should I submit SAT/ACT scores?
TU is test-optional through Fall 2022 — we do not require SAT or ACT exam scores for either admission or for scholarship consideration. Test scores submitted will not negatively impact an application for admission. If you would like to discuss your academic record in more detail, please contact your Admissions Counselor

Our middle 50% SAT score range for admitted students is 1060–1220, and a 20-25 on the ACT — 25% of students had scores below those ranges, and 25% had scores above those ranges. We do super-score both the SAT and ACT.

*If you decide to submit test scores, they must be officially sent to Towson University from CollegeBoard or ACT and must be received by the December 1 Early Action Application deadline or the January 15 Regular Application deadline.

Is this a temporary or permanent change?
At this time, the test-optional change applies to applicants for Spring 2022 and Fall 2022. The Academic Senate will discuss whether TU should make this a permanent change for future terms.

How can I be considered for merit-based scholarships?
All students will be holistically reviewed for merit-based scholarships if a completed application is submitted by the December 1 Early Action Application deadline. Our merit-based scholarships are competitive and are typically awarded to students who present strong academic credentials. Admissions scholarship notifications are sent in February.

Can I still apply to the Honors College as test-optional?
Students will be reviewed holistically to determine Honors College admission. In addition to the admissions application credentials, students must submit the Honors College application by December 1. 

Additional Questions?

If you have other questions, please contact us at 410-704-2113 or email .