Towson University Foundation

Board of directors standing on steps

Towson University Foundation, Inc. was established in 1970 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation to allow donors to make tax-deductible contributions in support of Towson University scholarships and fellowships, faculty development, research, outreach projects, academic and other programs.

Governed by a board of directors, we are committed to responsible stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us by our many donors. Through the generosity of these alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and individual, foundation and corporate friends, our portfolio continues to grow to support the needs of Towson University and its students.

Towson University Foundation, Inc. exists to manage gifts and other funds received for the benefit of Towson University. The Foundation is organized to receive, hold, invest, manage, use, dispose of and administer property of all kinds whether given absolutely, in trust or by way of agency or otherwise for the benefit and promotion of the university or for all of the education and support activities that may be conducted by the university.



Greetings from our VP
John Mease

John Mease

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, TU Foundation

“We take great pride in governance, fiscal responsbility and financial stewardship of the philanthropic dollars that come into Towson University to support its students and programs. I believe in the Foundation’s mission so strongly and that’s why I've been here for over 20 years. I’m proud to be the CFO and VP for the Foundation and look forward to the bright future of all our students!”