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This area houses all of the TU Foundation forms, policies, procedures, and governing documents.

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PaperSave E-Disbursement Process

PaperSave is the online platform to submit a TU Foundation (TUF) Electronic Disbursement Request Form. Use PaperSave to either pay an invoice or submit a reimbursement request for individuals using Foundation funds.

PaperSave should NOT be used to request reimbursements to your TU cost centers. For those types of requests, please reference the "*NEW* TUF Reimbursements to TU Cost Centers" section below.


PaperSave Training Resources

*NEW* TUF Reimbursements to TU Cost Centers

This process is used if an operating or payroll expense was paid through a TU cost center and you would like it to be reimbursed from Foundation funds.

This process should not be used to pay an invoice or submit a reimbursement request for individuals. See "PaperSave E-Disbursement Process" section for these requests.

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Blackbaud Award Management Resources (formerly AcademicWorks)

Please email  regarding any issues/questions using the system.


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