Substance Use Workshop Request

The ATOD Peer Educators, along with our ATOD Health Educator, are trained to provide 1 hour, free, unbiased workshops to classrooms, residence halls, student organizations, sports teams, and Greek organizations. All workshops can be held in person or virtually via Zoom. Please specify if you would like the workshop to be held virtually or in person in your request. 

In order to ensure we can meet your request, we require a two week notice for all presentation/workshop requests. Please contact  with any questions. 

Please review the presentation and workshop options from the following list and then submit a request. 

Workshop Options

A guided discussion about basic alcohol facts, recognizing alcohol poisoning, and the dangers of mixing alcohol with other substances. Students will learn the definition of harm reduction and strategies that they can use to make safer choices if they choose to drink. This workshop will also help students learn how to talk to a friend they are concerned about as well as understand how to connect them to TU resources.

This interactive, evidence-based workshop provides an overview of what students need to know about alcohol and marijuana and the effects they cause on the body. Students will engage in discussions about perceptions of use and learn about harm reduction strategies. They will also be taught both Maryland state and TU laws and policies about substance use.

This interactive jeopardy-style workshop will teach students about multiple different substances (alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco/vaping) as well as different TU resources. This 1 hour game is fast-paced and high energy and is a great option for residence halls.

A discussion-based workshop designed to teach students about the stress response, while exploring their own experiences with stress. Students will learn about why some people use alcohol as a coping mechanism and how that impacts the body. They will be challenged to think about alternative coping strategies, forms of self-care, and ways they can make more informed and safer choices with alcohol.

A highly interactive Kahoot-style trivia game designed to test student knowledge about alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other drug use. Students will be asked to identify party-smart strategies, on and off-campus substance use laws and policies, as well as develop greater understanding of the intersection between substance use and wellness. Depending on size of group, the trivia game can be played by teams or individual players. Prizes will be given to game winners.